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Whether you've finally decided to invest the energy and money into launching your first legal website, or are frustrated that your existing site isn't generating the visibility and new client calls that you hoped for, Family Law SEO Specialists offers an insider's expertise that is guaranteed to rank you at the top of any geographic market and in any legal practice area. Publishing a website by itself gives you no significant market share - it is nothing more than a static billboard. The majority of people who are likely to find it are those who Google your name, and a function of a good lawyer firmsite is certainly to reassure those who've already heard of you about your professionalism. But what you really want is to attract new visitors who may never have heard your name, who can be converted into interviews and ultimately as paying clients.

If you are not appearing on the first page of the organic search engine results, you are invisible to the public. Before I accumulated thousands of hours training myself through trial and error how to do SEO work, I just had no practical handle on how to acquire this visibility. If you are attempting to do this on your own, you've noticed that website optimization and all the marketing scams that swirl around it feel like some unpenetrable mystery. As a result, after the initial excitement of taking their website "live," most attorney business owners quickly begin to ignore them. They then conclude that website potential for expanding their clientele is highly exaggerated.

I can help to create and maintain an online advertising presence, in ways that out do what companies like Findlaw,, LexisNexis or Martindale-Hubbell will achieve for you. These "lawsite" mills design a site according to formulas that they replay over and over. The sites themselves can look clean and attractive. But you must commit to a two to three year contracts at high monthly rates. After the initial cost of design and launch, they charge recurring fees for someone to 'come back' once monthly to check for broken links and possibly to rearrange your keywords. Then these web marketeers move on - as they must - to the next law firm. As to the content their writers will create for you, well res ipsa.

Do you wonder why your competitors appear on the first page of Google, and why you are nowhere to be found? I know why. Are you finally ready to launch your own website, but overwhelmed by this new universe of concepts, terms, options, and marketing strategies? I know what choices to make and which to avoid.

The Internet is the next generation source of new business. Its potential is unlike what we've known before. No mildly sophisticated consumer chooses a lawyer based upon the phone books. Because the Internet remains a frontier which few legal professionals yet understand, an opportunity exists for you to carve a niche before the next person wakes up and takes that spot. If you get this, the sooner your fill the void with your firm's presence, the greater the likelihood you can dominate your web competitors. If you don't harness the power of the Internet to support your livelihood, someone in your neighborhood will. And once you do, a working website works for you, 24/7.

Something else about a sophisticated web brand is intriguing: Your website becomes a personal statement of your values, and effectively your signature and brand. It gives you the ability to promote not only what is important to you in your practice and personally, but also has the potential to influence client decision-making in ways that help to transform our world and move us all forward....

I give my SEO clients a level of intimate support and creativity you can't find anywhere else, exactly because I am an extremely experienced attorney who understands where the legal themes and the web intersect. As one of my customers recently said:

"I have been a trial lawyer for over 35 years and recently searched for a family law SEO specialist to help me create a website. After discussing my project with all of the big players, I discovered, and selected, Thurman Arnold. His website is the best I have seen, sensitive, informative, and clearly written. His sites all ranked at the top of Google for his area. My personal contact with him confirmed his knowledge of family law, and his expertise in SEO. He is easy and energetic to work with. Selecting Thurman Arnold as my SEO specialist is one of the best decisions I have made." 2/12/2012 ~ J.C., Esq. ~

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"Want to appear at the top of the search engines for your market niche?
We can make this happen for you!"

~ T.W. Arnold, CFLS ~
March 18, 2011

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