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The Lost and the Found
[One Attorney's Path to Redemption]
Unconditional love is something we humans yearn for,
but just endlessly.

The difficulties of relationship break up prove this to be true,
but only every time.

Animals, friends and family are not
merely a sanctuary
when we are all working well -
but a ready invitation for redemption
when we are not,
every, every day.

In this way
to special creatures,
like children,
our inner child,
and you ...
teaches that not only can we carry on

- but how to.

Happy Birthday to Puppy Dog Jake
and to all the beings whom you hold dear....

and now Merry Christmas!

~T.W. Arnold~

jake arnold, the dog

Happy Christmas Time Holidays!


Happy birthday to Jake! Jake is a lucky little being who is loved to the hilt--as we all deserve to be. There is something so wonderful in loving and giving our all to our little animal family members that travel wordlessly and happily with us along any path we find. Many happy returns to Jake!
Happy Birthday Jake Arnold! - Yes - we would miss a huge chunk of importance in life - if not for man's/woman's best friend. For that, I personally, am unconditionally grateful on an hourly basis!!!