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I'd like to have a conversation with you about legal websites and how to create one that is pin-pointed, cost effective and successful. I wish to help legal professionals who desire to use web related resources to increase their clientèle and practice revenues. It is not only possible to attract business that is substantial and interesting, but when done passionately it can be accomplished with great satisfaction.

Not only have I dramatically increased my income from divorce and family law cases since I went on-line in 2009, it has helped me to focus and so develop a "voice" on subjects I care about. A website taken seriously by its owner can be much larger than a billboard or a yellow page ad (remember those?).

I've spent many hundreds of hours of studying website SEO. A hands on cause-and-effect investigation of what works and what does not is one sure way to develop an expertise. There is a vast forest of web designers in the world, but most of them follow the same tired formulas and restate the same information with little uniqueness or creativity; moreover, suprisingly, most web designers are not SEO specialists. No wonder many lawyers launch websites with these companies, only to become disappointed by the limited results they achieve.

In my experience not only do attorneys have a general lack of understanding of what to do with a website and how to do it, the "experts" they hire tend not to be much better. Findlaw and Thomson-Reuters charge very high fees to an unlimited number of law firms within every legal market, promising each new customer "page one" Google results. Yet, not only is it impossible for every one of us to be on page one, it is extremely unlikely to launch hundreds of websites and expect the content of each to be fresh or engagin - unless a content writer with appellate level writing skills, or the attorney themselves, has the time and energy to implement their vision. That dullness presents opportunities. Much of the success of your website within your locale will depend on whether you can see the "holes" and opportunities that your on-line competitors have missed.

You have heard of terms like "meta-tags," "title tags," "page descriptions," "back-links", and "alt-tags." You may be wondering whether it is important to use social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Is it useful to sign up and pay significant amounts to participate in the "Yahoo Business Directories," or "Divorce HQ," "Avvo," "," and "" to name a few? Which ones might add real value to your marketing efforts? What bells and whistles (IPad and mobile phone technologies for websites, "Click to Call", "Video Vaults", and the like) make a difference worth paying for?

I aspire to be a coach for attorneys who wish to develop a sincere and potent on-line advertising presence. Unless you have the time and desire to learn this additional thing (among all your other tasks), your Internet foray may not generate satisfactory returns or at a minimum you will miss a wealth of opportunities. I might be of value to you!

I invite you to contact me to discuss my fees for helping you establish something special to showcase your talents and style!

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