California Family Law Attorney

What are California "Family Support" Orders

"Family support" orders and stipulations can be a terrific way to cause the state of California to underwrite some of your child support obligation by giving you deductions that typically only apply to spousal support awards (thus possibly increasing the pool of money available to care for your kids). However, there are risks in using this strategy with federal deductions, so seek advice from a lawyer who is a Certified Family Law Specialist.

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Statewide Uniform Guideline

Family Code Section 4066

Orders and stipulations otherwise in compliance with the statewide uniform guideline may designate as "family support" an unallocated total sum for support of the spouse and any children without specifically labeling all or any portion as "child support" as long as the amount is adjusted to reflect the effect of additional deductibility. The amount of the order shall be adjusted to maximize the tax benefits for both parents.