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At the Law Offices of Thurman W. Arnold III our team of legal professionals and support staff will guide you through your divorce in a holistic and highly competent manner. Our strategies are sophisticated and tailored to your situation, whether your marital dissolution or other family law circumstances are adversarial or more or less amicable.

We know that you have many questions. This website exists to provide a free service to the public to answer them, as our contribution to the "Internet of Everything Divorce". Besides the huge and ever increasing volume of information we've placed on line for other attorneys and for self-represented parties, or those with divorce counsel who might have concerns that would benefit from expert matrimonial law feedback, Michael C. Peterson or Thurman W. Arnold, III, CFLS would be honored to provide you a Second Opinion on your matters to help inform and guide you, even if you live far from us in California.

For those who live or have cases pending that are close enough to Palm Springs, Indian Wells, and Palm Desert please contact our office to discuss your case! You are the persons for whom we most exist to serve.

Besides our Enlightened Divorce Blog™, which contains hundreds of articles and famlaw legal analysis, and beyond the Frequently Asked Divorce Questions on this page, and our Practice Area pages that describe what you ought consider within certain practice specialty areas, we want you to know about some of the other resources provided by our Internet of Everything California Divorce website:

  • We provide a Family Law Statutes page referencing 400 California statutes and Rules of Court, with many discussions and tips about best practices and nuances relating to those code sections that only the most experienced attorneys and judges know of and understand.
  • We provide various California Judicial Council Forms, some of which are mandatory and others that are optional, that you will need or may want to use in your proceedings.
  • We have begun to upload some of our Thurman W. Arnold, III Law Firm Library of discovery forms, requests for orders, motions, and other pleading samples that can be freely used as exemplars to be modified to fit your own circumstances, with more to come as we can find the time (i.e., during our evenings, weekends, and holidays -:) including explanations and litigation tips!

Index of Topics

Preparing for Divorce

Why Physical Separation Matters

Selecting Your Family Law Attorney

Attorney Fees in Divorce and Family Law Matters

De-Escalating Family Law Conflict

The Family Law Processes

Discovery Options in California Family Law

Fiduciary Duties in Divorce

Identifying Marital Property and Division; Residence Issues

Debts Before and After Marriage

Taxes and Divorce

Child Support

Spousal Support

How Collect Delinquent Support

Premarital Agreements

Child Custody and Visitation Rights

Modifications of Orders


Domestic Partnerships

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children's rights

Consider a Mindful Divorce - Your Children Depend Upon You!

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