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We invite your feedback, including suggestions for improvement of the services we aspire to render to our clients, but also concerning the tone and opinions that Mike Peterson and I express on this website and in our Second Opinions. Your experience and satisfaction are critically important to us!

~ Thurman W. Arnold, III ~

Testimonials and Endorsements

Wow! I am so impressed. I deal with all types of attorneys on a weekly basis for over 35 years. Never have I seen a website nor attorney with such an unprecedented level of transparency to impart that legal knowledge as Mr. Arnold. I would highly recommend Mr. Arnold to any person who needs a "second opinion" and legal advice- regardless of their representation status. He should be included as a member of your legal advisory team. You will be empowered by his knowledge and expertise!

Nicholas H., 2nd Opinion Party in Los Angeles


They are some of the most considerate and thoughtful people especially dealing with such sensitive situations. I recommend him to anybody who wants to have 100% attention to your ase or family situations. Ashley, Kristin and Mr. Arnold and the rest of the staff always go out of your way to be sympathetic and understanding. And always are concerned about my situation is sure everything is taken care of correctly thank you Mr. Arnold and his entire team.

Michael A., Client, 2/11/20

Really impressed with Mr. Thurman Arnold, III and staff. Helped my wife and myself avoid the courtroom experience by helping us go through a mediation alternative. We structured our division of property ourselves, and wanted to find a neutral mediator to make sure that this division was fair to both parties. Mr. Arnold, lll was an excellent listener and brought out ideas that were beneficial to both parties. He was really concerned about us and not billable hours. His staff took care of our quick-claim deeds and filled all necessary paper work. Really a one stop office. He knew we wanted to get this done quickly so stayed during his lunch hour to make it happen. It only took us two appointments to come to agreement. All said and done we were both very happy with our arrangement. Highly recommend his services.

Sara, Mediation Party


Thank you Michael (Mr. Peterson) for seeing my divorce case to its conclusion. It took 10 years, due to a multitude of obstacles.
Michael took my case when many attorneys in the area would not. As Family Law attorneys' fees are concerned, Mr Peterson's fees are reasonable and he was conscientious about not utilizing a lot of hours and in certain instances, bundled legal services which saved me money.

Michael knows the Indio court system extremely well, which is essential to navigate any complicated divorce. He successfully "negotiated" my final settlement and executed the documents to finally finish this long process. He also referred me to outside legal help to manage a special asset division.

On many occasions, and not just for me, Michael will drop his normal schedule and handle legal emergencies (ex-parte, child custody situations).

I am grateful for all the hard work. If I were a person needing family Law legal assistance, I would hire him.

Paul R., Client


I was very impressed with how Michael Peterson handled my case. Not only was he extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also understanding and empathetic in what was a very difficult time.
He went over and above to prepare me for what it would be like to testify in court, and that helped me to be much less nervous and more confident when the time came.
Jessie Janssen, April 2019

Attorney Michael Peterson has completely handled my case both professionally and effectively. I am forever grateful for his knowledge and for walking me through the process. This was a very trying time for our family but I always felt at ease knowing that Mr. Peterson had our children's best interest in mind. This was always the driving force moving forward. He was proactive and honest which has been very much appreciated. I highly recommend this law office! The entire staff was always helpful and kind.

Noelle, client - 4/23/19

I'm Pro Per with a complicated case, and I'm based in San Diego. Mr Arnold agreed to do a second opinion on my case and his feedback and review was indispensable. He focused and prioritized the critical issues without hesitation, and gave sound, extremely useable legal feedback. He also evaluated my position from all angles and his knowledge of the law was very impressive. He is not only extraordinarily competent, he was also patient and compassionate to my circumstances and took the time to make sure I understood our discussions in full. I would highly record him for a second opinion in any circumstance, pro per or represented. His opinion will be a great advantage to your case no doubt. Call him. You won't regret it.

Second Opinion Party, Anonymous


Family Law Second Opinion - I can attest to the challenges of finding competent legal guidance. In my experience, Family Law Attorney's love to bill, but aren't quite as energetic when it comes to doing the legwork. . Discovery 25K, motions to compel 15K, oh you are out of money, we have an agreement. On Monday morning I had little hope my case would ever get going in the right direction, by Thursday afternoon I was singing a different tune. Thurman W Arnold and his staff were kind enough to squeeze me in on a few hours notice, he provided me insight and knowledge that had been overlooked by no less than five attorney's. I am still shaking head. I still can't believe it was that simple. This is the place to turn to if you need some legal guidance.

Second Opinion Party, 3/19

Professional, empathetic, and skilled. M. Peterson and his staff provided excellent help with a long-standing unadjudicated property dispute. I was well represented and the problem was solved.

Kenneth Ericson,

March 2019

Thank You, Mr. Arnold

Grateful for the precise directions on Spousal Support.

During my settlement agreement I could not obtain an end date for support. Documented domestic violence, crimes against me (the payor), forgery, identity theft, cohabitation, documented perjury, all without consequence. All because it was a marriage of long duration 29 +. A long marriage is no remedy to violating Fiduciary Duties which can be addressed.

I discovered Thurman Arnolds resource page and found it's content invaluable to any one acting on their own behalf. The applicable laws and remedy I used were key in my presentation even though I was unsuccessful on my first attempt. Mr. Arnold graciously assisted me with the next direction to re-file my request to reduce or terminate a prior award of spousal support with great optimism.

Patient to listen.

Second Opinion Client. Northern, Ca (1/21/19)

Michael Peterson handled this case professionally from mediation to the final orders. Over the 15 month process he helped me view things from a non-emotional stand point which made everything less stressful. He was extremely fair, making sure that the only priority was my son's well being. Throughout the case he was realistic and never sold me any lies or tried to increase my fees. The outcome of my case was the best possible for a child custody case considering the issues involved. I would absolutely recommend him as he is worth every penny. You do not have to worry that a detail will be missed. He tries very hard to communicate with both parties and to keep the lines of communication open. I would hire him again because he is a great lawyer.

Demetria R., Client 9/18

I would highly recommend Thurman W Arnold lll to anyone who needs a brilliant family law attorney who is altogether attentive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and personable. His amazing memory for the smallest details proves that he listened to every aspect of my situation and makes me feel confident that I am in the best of hands. He handles all the extreme stresses associated with divorce in a calm demeanor and speaks with impressive articulation and wisdom. He and his efficient staff always reply quickly to any concerns I have. It is comforting to know that I have such a formidable ally on my side.

Sharon H., Client 8/18

I needed to hire an attorney and I needed one fast. I didn’t know where to start, not being from the area. I relied on online research with a focus on attorneys with the experience I needed. The Law Office of Thurman W. Arnold came up again and again. I was fortunate enough to get an appointment within the time I had left before my case. After my initial consultation with Michael Peterson I knew I would be in good hands and I was quick to sign on.

I am beyond relieved that I made the choice to hire Mr. Peterson to represent me in my complicated custody case. Mr. Peterson was prudent and hard hitting in the matters where it mattered. His ability to manage a complex case helped me secure a positive resolution so much faster than I expected. I worried when the other attorney began hitting below the belt; Mr. Peterson just fought harder. He honed in on the facts of the case and destroyed the opposition even when they resorted to lowly tactics.

I give all credit to Mr. Peterson. Specifically, he entered a motion that proved to be the pivotal turning point of the case.

I don’t know where my family would be today without Mr. Peterson’s guidance. I’m glad I don’t have to think about that.

Thank you, Mr. Micheal Peterson and the Law Office of Thurman W Arnold!!!

Gloria R., Former Client


I had asked several business attorneys for a recommendation for a family law attorney, Thurman Arnold’s name was always recommended. After interviewing several family law attorneys I decided to retain Thurman Arnold. You always wonder if you have made the right decision. My experience with most business attorneys you get more lip service then real work. Mr. Arnold was exactly the opposite, not only did he stay on top of everything, he took a sincere interest and when against a new motion or demand he spent time with me on the phone from home after hours if needed. He was always willing to listen also.

A vast knowledge of the law and procedures. What I thought would be a long drawn out ordeal ended up being finalized and settled in less then 4 months. I do not believe any other attorney could have achieved this result. There were never any self serving delay tactics. My interest always came first.

The office staff was great.

I would never hesitate to refer my clients, friends or family to Thurman Arnold

John Kroll, CPA - Client 12/17

First of all, I want to thank Yelp reviewers for their sincere and detailed reviews of Mr. Peterson and Mr. Arnold; their reviews were what led me to make an appointment with their law offices. I also cannot over-emphasize how overwhelmed both emotionally and information-wise I was at the time. I'd been to the "divorce clinic" at the court house and it only made me realize just how over my head I would be if I decided to handle this on my own. But I still went on to listen to countless podcasts regarding do-it-yourself divorces and also to read several divorce blogs, including some posts from Mr. Arnold's blog. I have also previously worked as an office assistant for a work comp and PI attorney as well as handled lien-processing for a private company, so at least I had a good handle on how to know when I am way over my head, ha! But anyway, just this week Mr. Peterson brought my marriage dissolution to a swift and favorable resolution.

I am still a bit stunned at how drama-less it all ended up -- there was a LOT that could have instigated ugliness. But Mr. Peterson worked exactly as previous Yelpers have described, and all of that was avoided, so not even 2 months from my retaining date this was concluded and I can finally look to a future without fear of any leftover issues from my married life. So without going into any personal details, I can tell others in the same boat that I was in this summer that Mr. Peterson and Mr. Arnold are life savers when you are so overwhelmed by grief, anger, frustration and loss that you can barely think straight. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mike Peterson, and Mr. Arnold, thank you for running a law firm that excels in a minefield-laden area of law with integrity and that is an example of what other law firms should be.

I am also very grateful for Mr. Peterson's paralegal Kristin, whose professionalism and empathy while guiding me through the process of turning in income and expenses among everything else and figuring out if I forgot anything, basically prevented me from making multiple and critical "paperwork" mistakes. And also a heartfelt thank you to Jordin for keeping me apprised of everything. I don't know how they, along with the senior paralegal Diane, work so efficiently in such a high-stress administrative arena and make it look almost easy! Thank you, ladies!

And one final note -- another albeit subjective thing that clinched my decision to retain this law firm was that the book The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle, was displayed in their lobby. I am a huge fan of Eckhart Tolle and during this mess bought the audio version of this book which I would play every night as I was about to go to sleep because the author's voice and words were so soothing. Anyway, it was a good omen indeed.

Leticia Cruz, Client - 10/25/17

If you are in need of expert legal advice for a divorce or legal separation I would heartily recommend the office of Thurman Arnold with over 30 years experience in the industry I found mr. Arnold to be most effective in understanding the needs of divorce situations. His knowledge is second to none and his professionalism is equally top-notch

Alan G., Client 10/23/17

I am writing this review of the Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III to express what I can only describe as stunned joy. I was married for 18 years, and had to file for divorce to have my spouse removed from the home to keep the State from removing the children. Following that initial action, I had nothing but bad experiences with the court system. By the time the divorce was granted, several years had passed. I had changed jobs at reduced income, but was not allowed any relief in alimony. My experience to that point led me to conclude I would never be successful in court.

This year I suffered a layoff that led me to search for an attorney who could help me reduce or eliminate the ongoing financial burden. Online research led me to Mr. Thurman Arnold. I cannot be more pleased with the process and the result. When I first met with Mr. Arnold, he was extremely knowledgeable and honest. He asked all the right questions and listened to my situation. He didn’t try to conclude any approach at the time, just listened to my situation and confirmed the laws and the process. He, and his staff, located my earlier court transcripts, did their research, and found the correct approach to presenting the case.

My experience overall has been extraordinary. The support team, Diane and Kristin, stayed on top of everything. They kept me aware of the process, and ensured we would not miss a paperwork deadline. They confirmed I would be able to attend the hearing by telephone, as I now live over 1,400 miles away. They provided the correct forms, filed on time and scheduled my visits with Mr. Arnold in the most efficient manner. These ladies really know their stuff and handle everything extremely well.

The result of the court hearing was beyond any expectation I could have had. Mr. Arnold was prepared, and his presentation was impeccable and assertive. The result was very favorable. In short, I highly recommend the Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III to anyone.

Randall J., Texas Client 10/4/17 (Avvo Review)

I can't recommend highly enough the Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III. I've never written a review before but after my experience, I feel strongly about sharing one of the few positive legal experiences of my life.

For the past 4 years I had been subject to very difficult post-divorce relations by my ex which created tremendous strain and unhealthy environment for my young daughters. Feeling quite hopeless, I reached a breaking point and consulted with multiple lawyers, but they were never able to impart a strong sense of guidance or even understanding the injustice I felt.

Finally meeting with Mr Arnold, he grasp my situation in a way no one else had expressed and almost immediately I felt some ease and instinct that he was the right person to address my issues. We actually started right then, in the middle of a consultation. He offered up several options and potential outcomes to consider, was very direct and honest and I really felt confident in placing my trust in him.

I am not by nature a litigious person and endeavor to avoid conflict, but I knew my situation had gone too far and not placing much hope in any mediation, wanted the strongest possible advocate. Mr Arnold was very pro-active and became an incredible advocate for me. Quickly separating emotional issues to focus on what he saw as the most direct course to the best outcome.

After the hearing which addressed financial issues, I was kind of in shock, I couldn't imagine a better outcome and before a scheduled second hearing related to custody issues he was able to get a new custody agreement signed without returning to court.

Mr Arnold achieved everything I had hoped for and more in the modification and was able to reaffirm, strengthen and provide specificity in the new custody agreement.

I couldn't be more thankful to Mr Arnold for his knowledge, passion and heart, along with Diane and Kristin and the rest of the office team who were terrific and as busy as they were never missed a detail. I'm incredibly grateful to him for this outcome and a real sense of having my life restored.

Michael U., Indian Wells Client - 9/28/17

As I am sitting here trying to write a review for the Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III, I realize that this is going to be the hardest review that I have ever written in my life. How can you put into words the feeling that someone has given you your life back? My attorney, Michael Peterson, did just that.

I was blessed to find this firm on Yelp and Avvo, considering I don't even live in their typical areas of practice, but their stellar reputation and glowing reviews speak for themselves. I thought my divorce was going to be very complicated as we were married for 9 years but lived together for 8 years prior to marriage. The lines of what was his/mine/ours and what was acquired pre/post marriage were very blurry and there was a business involved that made everything messy.

When I finally got the nerve up to hire an attorney and file for divorce, I consulted with a few different attorneys before I met with Mr. Peterson. I got differing opinions from each one. When I first met with Mr. Peterson, he was extremely knowledgeable, personable, upfront and honest. You just KNOW that he knows what he is doing. He is confidant, but not even slightly arrogant or cocky. He asks all the right questions and wants to know what YOUR goals are. He is very realistic and doesn't try sugarcoat things but at the same time he is optimistic and you really feel comfortable. MOST importantly, he really listens to your situation and helps you to understand the laws and the process. What I was also impressed with is when he wasn't 100% sure about something, he consulted with Mr. Arnold on the spot, so you are getting the benefit of both of their knowledge and experience working for you. On top of all that, his pricing is reasonable and they will work with you if need be. When I left his office, after that first meeting I knew he was the one.

My experience after that was nothing but the best. Their support team, Diane and Kristin, were absolutely amazing. They are so on top of everything. It's impossible to miss a paperwork deadline with them, because they are so helpful. They are also very knowledgeable, professional, and even calmed my nerves a few times. These ladies simply know their stuff and handle things extremely well. I honestly don't know how they do it.

Now for the best part, my first court hearing. I think it was only supposed to be to establish interim spousal support and attorney's fees. Mr. Peterson had somehow already managed to get my ex to agree to voluntary spousal support prior to the court date (how he managed that I will never know!) I was very anxious as I am not a confrontational person and am uncomfortable with conflict. Mr. Peterson arrived very early and was completely prepared. Keep in mind, I'm prepared for this to drag out, be very expensive, and complicated (involving a Marvin Action, forensic accountants, epic battles, etc.). He had already viewed all the financials, so when he asked what number I would want in a settlement, he said it was substantially too low. He told me what number he thought was fair from his assessment and then got my permission to negotiate on my behalf. He spoke to the other side for a while and by the time he came and got me, it was almost already settled...just needed to work out a few details!!! I thought my jaw was going to hit the floor! Let me just say this man is SKILLED in the art of negotiation! I have never seen anything like it. My ex is a textbook narcissist that does not like to share. I used to joke that he had "superpowers" because he could somehow get people to do anything he wanted. For those that know anything about Star Wars, it was the equivalent of using Jedi mind tricks or something. All I can say is the Force is strong with Mr. Peterson, because it was an impressive sight to behold. I ended up walking away with substantially more than I would've settled for and no debt! I think I was in shock for about 3 days...I might still be!

The stress, dread, and fear I felt about the anticipation of this long, drawn out, expensive, messy, conflict-filled divorce was over before it ever started!! All because of Mr. Peterson!! He changed my life in a way that no one else could have and I will never be able to show him the depth of my admiration and gratitude. I truly believe he catered his actions to who I was as a client and what my initial goals were. I have no doubts that he would've fought the battle long term for a client that wanted that, as he seems to love a challenge, but he knew who I was and what would make me happy. I truly never anticipated such a turnout was even possible in my wildest dreams! I can't thank Mr. Peterson and the rest of the staff of the Thurman Arnold III law firm enough. They are the absolute BEST!

Angel M., Client - 4/27/17

I retained Michael Peterson with the Law Office of Thurman W. Arnold III and I couldn't be more satisfied. He is extremely knowledgeable, confident and capable. I normally feel apprehensive leaving important issues, such as my divorce case, in the hands of someone else but I feel completely at ease knowing Mr. Peterson has everything under control. He has achieved everything he set out to do and I don't feel like I'm being overcharged or taken advantage of. Kristin Dancy, who also works at the firm, has done a great job getting my case in order and keeping me informed. I'm very happy I found them.

Joseph B., Client - 3/23/17

2011: Consulted with Mr. Arnold regarding a divorce (long term marriage).

He was insightful, great. His recommendations were clear and concrete.

Alex P., Second Opinion Consult - 1/27/17

SMART, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE & PROFESSIONAL!! I did an independent second opinion consultation w/Mr. Arnold and it was invaluable to me with respect to my divorce case, which is a complex matter. Prior to speaking with him, I felt very lost in the whole process especially when faced with a spouse who has had the upper hand in divorce litigation. After speaking with Mr. Arnold, I am now armed with the information, tools and strategy to hold my own in court and in the defense of my divorce case. Mr. Arnold was also very realistic and honest in answering my questions, thoroughly discussing the advantages and possible pitfalls to each issue. I also find his pricing to be very fair and you get great value for the quality services provided.

Anna, a Self-Represented Attorney, in a Second Opinion Consult about her divorce case, 1/2017

Absolutely the Best!

Mr. Arnold is compassionate, honest and hard working with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of family law. I was dealing with a very acrimonious request for modification of spousal support. I have lived out-of-state for many years. It was a difficult situation that required skilled, experienced and intelligent representation. Mr. Arnold rose to the challenge and exceeded expectations!

His paralegal and support staff are extremely competent, professional and easy to work with. Could not ask for more in a law firm.

Susan H., MI Client - 2/11/17

Thurman Arnold represented me in a divorce. He is intelligent and a proactive professional that supports his clients in every manner of the Law. Thurman remembers the most minimum detail to support his client which is very important, and follows it through. His professionalism and legal responses to opposing parties can be the "paralyzing point" in negotiations for his clients. I also want to point out his staff, Diane and Krystin as assets to his legal team. They support Thurman while supporting the client and have the same work ethic.

Anyone that is struggling with a pending divorce or do not know procedures to complete a divorce in trouble should seek Thurman Arnold's help. He is transparent ,explains all the procedures, timelines and completion of the legal process. He protected me while analyzing spread sheets/assets, financial data that I couldn't understand and truthful supporting documentation. He will guide you through the process from beginning to end and keeps you informed on a daily basis. I trust Thurman Arnold and I highly recommend him to anyone that needs legal support. To me he is the best of the best

Kathryn S., Client - 12/29/16

Attorney Mike Petersen of the firm handled my case. I was respondant, and petitioner hired a very agressive but careless attorney. Arnold's firm handled the case very well, and demonstrated superior knowledge of State and case law. I felt secure, well taken care of, and resources were not wasted.

Marshall D., Client - 12/22/16

Mr. Peterson was extremely helpful and incredibly knowledgeable. Very thorough and straightforward. He has helped me through a complicated situation. He seems to really have his client's best interest at heart.

Lauren D., Palm Springs, CA Client - 10/31/16

I had a very complicated divorce and my ex-husband is an attorney who was trying to bully me throughout. After poor representation by another attorney, I found Mr. Arnold. He is smart, protective, and assertive and I was very happy with the results. Both he and his legal secretary,Diane, were supportive and very responsive when I had questions or concerns. I highly recommend them.

Christine R., Riverside, CA Client - 10/28/16

Michael was extremely helpful and very easy to talk to. He was very gracious with his time and offered valuable advise. You can definitely tell he is a man that has been there and understands what it takes to win.

Thank you very much.

Tom L., Palm Springs, Client - 10/27/16

I am very pleased I hired Michael Peterson as my attorney. From the beginning Mr. Peterson's strategy was to come to a settlement based on the case, and as expected a settlement was reached. He was always well prepared, and a day before the hearing we met to plan and discuss the case in detail. Mr. Peterson did an excellent job in preparing me for this important date, I walked into court prepared and knowing what to expect. In court, I witnessed the top quality attorney I had hired versus my counterpart. I highly recommend hiring Michael Peterson as your family law attorney.

Victor B., Indio, CA Client - 10/26/16

I retained Mr. Peterson through the Law Office of Thurman W. Arnold, in hopes of being granted a Move Away Order. My case was/is a "high conflict" case, with 3 years worth of Declarations and paperwork submitted on both sides. This, in itself, can be daunting for anyone, especially being that Mr. Peterson wasn't my original Attorney, and given the fact that most of it was done on my own and very poorly put together.

… Mr. Peterson and this office's staff were very thorough in organizing my case file, and putting together a very competent case with the information that was before them, regardless of the state they received it in.

Mr. Peterson and staff were extremely helpful and polite, and ensured I received as much help and information as they could provide. Mr Peterson himself was not only extremely "timely", as he would always return my phone calls and emails within a reasonable time, but I never once felt as if I was just a client. In fact, I felt as if I was his most important client at all times, as he always provided status updates without being asked, and his knowledge of my case, and California Law in general, was exceedingly proficient and thorough!

I did end up being granted my request for a Move Away Order, but I have to say that this review would have been the EXACT same, even if my request had been denied.

If you are looking for a Family Law Attorney you can trust, who will tell you what to expect (even if it isn't what you want to hear), and who will put 100% into your case, then I highly suggest Mr. Michael Peterson!

James K., Joshua Tree, CA - 9/7/16

Thurman lives and breathes family law. I have been a practicing litigator for over 20 years and I consider Thurman like a Scientist of California Law. He is the only family lawyer I refer to in the Coachella Valley. He approaches his work with intellect, ingenuity and energy, and has been an inspiration to me as a lawyer.

Anonymous Attorney, Los Angeles 9/5/16

Working with Mr. Michael Peterson to resolve my case was an amazing experience. During such a stressful time, he not only helped prepare my case, he prepared me as well. He is so good he had the judge laughing at the opposing party. He was prepared and efficient even when new evidence was submitted without proper notification. I didn't even need to call my witness. I wouldn't want anyone else to defend me.

Peria A., Desert Hot Springs, CA - 9/3/16

Mr. Peterson is absolutely one of the most competent, precise, and professional attorney's I have ever dealt with! He handled my divorce in 2013 flawlessly and very favorable to me and the best interest of my children. He was able to negotiate with my ex (who is a very difficult individual) and have the whole thing resolved in about a month (custody, property and all). In 2016, when an extremely complicated custody issue arose, Mr. Peterson didn't even bat an eye. He extensively explained the risks and rewards, created a game plan and was off and running. When the case hit some bumps (all bumps were due to other entities involved in the case) Mr. Peterson analyzed every probable course of action and applied the law with expert logic to anticipate possible outcomes. The entire time I worked with Mr. Peterson I felt like he took my case personally. The reason I felt like that is because he does. Mr. Peterson genuinely cares about his clients, their cases, and takes great pride in his work. These are all qualities that put him in a league above many of his peers. He gets a 5+ star rating from me!

Tara P., Kailua, HI - 8/16/16

Honest, Professional, Detail Oriented, and Energetic:

I live in Central California and required the services of an honest attorney for my divorce. I had previously retained an attorney prior to Mr. Arnold who completely blew me off. Mr Arnold took the reins in my divorce case without hesitation and completed my divorce in 10 months, what my previous attorney could not accomplish in over 3 years. No children involved.

Mr. Arnold was always upfront with me whether it would benefit me or not. Mr. Arnold and his team knew I had a difficult schedule, due to my career as a Peace Officer with CHP. They worked around every aspect and did not leave anything to the last minute.

Officer Jeff A., Kernsville, CA , Client - 6/21/16

I have been involved with many, many attorneys in my long professional life but I have never known someone as good as Mr. Thurman. He is not only brilliant but has the ability to navigate the sometimes difficult process that happens in family law divorce cases. I would highly recommend Thurman to anyone going through a tough and contentious divorce.

Jonathan H., Rancho Mirage, Client - 6/10/16

Phenomenal advice. I've had two attorneys in the last year and I place more value in the 30 minute phone call I had with Mr. Peterson than I do the 20 hours combined between other lawyers. You want a wolf not a sheep in the courtroom for you, don't make the mistake of not recognizing which is which!

Jena P., Cathedral City, CA Client - 3/1/16

I will preface this review by saying that it does not do justice to the people, work, and experience I recently had with the Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III.

First off: their website is beyond stellar. If you are thinking of going about your Family case on your own, let this website be your North Star, I swear that you won't feel as lost. In depth resources to help keep you on track and insightful blogs to help keep you grounded.

Now the staff: the ladies of the Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III are courteous, kind, genuine and beyond supportive. Tremendous appreciation to Kristin, who had the unbearable task of working with and communicating often with a nervous, control freak client but did so with patience and empathy.

Lastly, my attorney: Michael Peterson. He is honest, brazen, precise, eloquent, intelligent and can go 'toe-to-toe' with any future ex-spouse that is trying to make your life a living nightmare. Even though there were times that the outcome of my case seemed unfavorable, it did not waiver Mr. Peterson's ability and aspiration to present the most tactful and effective approach to my case and thank goodness it didn't because I am able to move forward with a divorce settlement and custody order that is in my favor. I am not only appreciative of Mr. Peterson's aide in my long draining saga but for the whole new perspective he gave me regarding child custody and co-parenting - this new outlook has definitely pushed me to be a better parent for my daughter and for that I am truly grateful.

Ana C., Client - 2/23/16

This is an honest five star rating I am happy to give, with some length, for the benefit of those who are facing real legal situations that can have real long-term consequences:

I spoke directly with the chief attorney, Mr. Thurman Arnold himself, Feb. 1st, 2016. He gave me a second opinion on my legal case, divorce with children, a case that has been protracted for coming on three years with numerous difficulties and anomalies. As is not uncommon in divorce, "Oh that I knew then what I know now." I was relatively new to California and certainly did not know which attorney to choose at the outset in 2013. Wish I had known at the outset about Mr. Arnold's law firm ... which is WHY I am giving this review and recommendation ... perhaps others searching the internet for attorney reviews can benefit from this and all the other reviews that paint a consistent (hard worked for) glowing review of this Law Firm, from experience. Had I been astute enough to check reviews of my former attorneys, I would NOT have hired them, but divorce is a dark tunnel so often entered with many pressures and much ignorance of the road ahead.

WEBSITE! I first have to say that I was already impressed with Mr. Arnold from his amazing website! Wow! Here is an attorney who not only is an obvious consummate professional with exceptionally broad and deep understanding of Family Law, but a man with ethics and perspective. I believe he even uses the word "holistic", which is to imply a perspective that Family Law deals with actual people, parents and children, adults, who have had a life before and will have a life after legal dissolution.

EDUCATION & PERSPECTIVE: Did I say Mr. Arnold has an amazing website? I have had two previous attorneys in my case, at the outset, then of necessity going self-represented ("Pro Per") for the bulk of time including two lengthy separate Trials addressing Custody/ Visitation & complex high finances. I am the "out-spouse" as Thurman calls it, the one without the money after separation, but a fairly well-educated pro per at this point of Appellate filings, extensive litigation with documentation in law and case-law studies, evidence and briefs, "blah, blah, blah" (as Thurman would realistically say). Mr. Arnold's website is loaded with so much valuable information it is outstanding among outstanding loaded websites, going FAR beyond a sales pitch, offering, FREE of charge, knowledge and insight that is incredibly useful and educational. I have used some of his shared knowledge already in my filings. Again, his 'holistic' approach is one of being strong to secure a decent lawful position in a dispute, but an approach that is sensible and cognizant of the big picture and what is realistically going to come from the rights and views of "the other side" in courts. His discussion with me reflected this in person, giving realistic while encouraging advice.

I wish you well and a good outcome in your situation, sincerely, Doug Harris.

Doug Harris, Tucson, AZ, Client - 2/2/16

I was thoroughly impressed and happy with having Michael C. Peterson represent me in my family law case. Michael's writing in the court declarations included thorough case-law references, and had the case won before we even showed up for court.

At previous hearings, using other attorneys, I have always felt the expected nervousness of court. With Michael Peterson representing me, it was more like being at a concert. Whether the opposing party agreed to a negotiation or not, I was in a winning position either way, a vastly different experience from what I was accustomed.

Michael really cared about my case, and was genuine in wanting to handle it correctly, which he did with confidence. I feel that he employs a healthy competitive attitude toward winning his cases, which benefits his clients a great deal. I consider him a "Jedi Master" in his profession, and I believe he is raising the bar in an area that has been fraught with mediocrity for far too long. Great job, Michael.

Bill A., Indio, CA Client - 9/17/15

When my husband and I decided to divorce, we knew we would prefer mediation over hiring individual attorneys. We chose Mr. Arnold and it was the best choice we could have made. He took the time to listen to each of our concerns and address them equally. He explained what we needed to know while efficiently using the time we spent in his office. Because my (now ex) husband and I felt we were heard and treated fairly, we have no anger or hard feelings and are able to move forward parenting our children without animosity.

I'm grateful to Mr Arnold for navigating us through our divorce. I do not have even one complaint and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to use divorce mediation.

Julia B., Glendale, CA, Mediation Client - 9/10/15

I would highly recommend Mr. Arnold to any potential client seeking his services. He has accumulated seemingly endless experience and Sage wisdom which he shares freely and uses to guide his clients to successful results. He has retained his passion for helping others and his genuine concern for people can't help but change anyone's negative view about attorneys. He is also a dragon in Court and will reduce the opposing counsel to cinders, if necessary, but is responsible enough with all of that fire power, to wield it wisely.

9/14/15 Lisa A., Family Law Attorney in Community

When my wife and I decided to divorce, we wanted a mediator to handle our legal affairs. We went to Desert Family Mediation Services, and we couldn't have been more pleased. Thurman Arnold was so good and thorough. He walked us through the process step by step. His knowledge of divorce law is pretty amazing. Also his staff, especially Diane are top notch. Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit.

Patrick O., Yucca Valley, Mediation Client - 9/9/15

I hired Mr. Arnold and could not be happier. He and his office helped me get through the hardest time of my life, a divorce. He was amazing, caring and really went to bat for me and protected me. He's kind, patient and knows his craft. I advise you all who are going through this type of a difficult time to hire him....hire him NOW.

Kenneth D., Palm Springs, CA, Client - 8/19/15

Thank you for having your answer to my search on your website: "requirements motion for reconsideration california" Your website has helped me tremendously. If in the future I can afford an attorney, you're my first call!!! (any only). We've already spent (borrowed) over 45,000 in attorney fees and are still in this mess - but getting closer. I just wanted to say "thank you" and let you know how much your efforts on your website is making a huge difference in the lives of Californians! Bless you!

Chaundra, Enlightened Blog fan - 7/16/15

I live in Northern California and I recently hired Thurman Arnold III as a "Second Opinion Lawyer" for my long drawn out divorce case, and particularly for my upcoming hearing on modification of spousal support. While I have previously had three other attorneys, I could not find competent legal help from anyone for my latest legal issue in my Family Law matter. That is, until I conferred with Mr. Arnold. Mr. Arnold is not only an expert in the field of Family Law, but also courteous and compassionate. I received answers that I had never received before from my other attorneys.

I found Mr. Arnold's website while searching the internet for legal help and had one of those gut feelings that he was the "real deal." I was correct! Mr. Arnold's website has a wealth of information regarding Family Law which is very helpful for those that have not had luck with former attorneys or those people that are representing themselves, particularly for complex situations.

In addition, Mr. Arnold performed extra work for me, at NO charge showing his dedication to his profession. It is obvious that he is experienced and wants to help people. He is an honor to the legal profession! I urge anyone that is looking for a competent, knowledgeable and experienced attorney to consider hiring Mr. Arnold!

I am so very glad I found Mr. Arnold and I now feel I can move forward with my case with the legalese and expertise Mr. Arnold gave to me. I can't say enough wonderful things about this great attorney! I only wish I had found him a few years ago, but am so very glad that I found him now to help me with my case.

Thank you Thurman Arnold!

Sheri D., Second Opinion Client - 6/28/15

Just wanted to send a "shout out" for the information you provide. I am a Family Law paralegal that just "fell" into this area of law out of the necessity to keep working! Your blogs, etc. have been extremely helpful to me. Great source of support. Thanks!

Deborah, Enlightened Divorce Fan – 6/16/16


As a young and now an old family law attorney, Mr. Arnold is my go to on getting the concise and up to date "low down" on developing family law issues. I am so grateful for his generosity in reaching thousands of practitioners and lay people in his selfless efforts to simplify and streamline the practice and participation in family law litigation. Thank you Mr. Arnold!!

Kelly, Anonymous Attorney and Enlightened Blog Fan, 6/6/15

The Law Offices of Thurman Arnold are top shelf and very professional. I used Michael Peterson esq., for my legal needs. He was very understanding of my situation and his insight and overall legal knowledge is excellent. Mr. Peterson not only is very well versed in the law, he has an excellent command of legal procedures which proved to be important in bringing my case to a successful conclusion. I would highly recommend this law firm for all family law related legal needs.

Thank you Mr. Peterson...

Michael S., Indio, CA, Client - 6/3/15

Battling narcissistic lawyer-wife

Mr. Arnold and Mr. Peterson were very sympathetic to my situation. They kept me informed at every corner. They gave me options and advice with my interest in mind. They were very punctual and thorough with court filings and proceedings. We were able to settle out of court. Anybody looking to resolve a sticky situation should call Mr. Arnold III's office.

Stephen, Client, 5/18/15

Mr. Arnold authors a blog on his website that is an excellent tool for any family law practitioner. As a family law attorney, I regularly rely on the information that he provides on his website. I would recommend his website to any attorney or self-representing party. When I was faced with a complex property issue in my case, Mr. Arnold provided invaluable feedback during a consultation. He represents all that is good in the legal community. Thank you Mr. Arnold for being a passionate and knowledgeable attorney who is actually making a difference!

Wazhma Mojaddidi, Family Law Attorney in Sacramento and Enlightened Blog Fan, CA 5/7/15

After losing quite a bit of trust in attorneys in the area, Mr. Peterson was able to restore my confidence! He is articulate and willing to discuss details of your case in a way you can understand. He is patient and understanding and actually reads your case information! If you are looking for an attorney that can speak for you, and will be familiar with your case before you actually enter the court room, Mr. Peterson is the guy. Highly recommend.

Lacy R., Twenty-Nine Palms, CA, Client - 6/6/15

Thurman has one of the most helpful websites I have found. The wealth of knowledge is a testament to his experience. I appreciate his willingness to help with tough questions of law.

Attorney Amanda Stewart, Corona, Enlightened Blog Fan, CA 5-1-15

Thurman Arnold represented me in my prior divorce. He did an incredible job at representing me and I was more than pleased with the outcome. I had met with several other attorneys prior to retaining him and was told basically I would be paying much more than I expected in the settlement. Mr Arnold assured me he would do everything in his power to help and that he did. Saving me a great deal of money. He was always there to take my calls and when he was not his staff was very polite and helpfull. Mr Arnold would also return phone calls after hours. Divorce can be a horrible thing to go through, Mr Arnold made it so much easier. So I recently seeked him out on my recent divorce. I live in Nevada but he was able to help me quickly serve my wife in Calif. before she was able to serve me. The same day the case was filed she was served by his office within 2 hours. I couldn't be more grateful to him and his staff for all their help. Owning businesses in the Palm springs area and living there for over 17 years I would highly recommend Thurman Arnold for your Family Law needs.

Richard Ryan, Parump, NV client, 4-24-15

Thurman is an articulate and extremely intelligent attorney who cares about his clients and has an amazing staff as well. He treats his clients with respect and he also is by far the smartest lawyer in the valley. Call this office, even if you think you may be considering a divorce. You won't be disappointed.

K.H., Riverside, CA, Client - 4/6/15

I was in desperate need of a very good attorney. I was fortunate to have Thurman W. Arnold take my case. Along with my good fortune came Mr Arnold's associate Michael Peterson. He is a brilliant and thoughtful attorney. Mr Peterson was diligent in helping me understand the legal system as it pertained to my case. He worked tirelessly and we prevailed. I am forever grateful. If you are in need of a GREAT attorney, I highly recommend Mr Arnold and Mr Peterson. They are very protective and committed to their clients.

Laurie C., Florida, Client - 3/25/15

I had a very pleasant experience seeking a second opinion from Mr. Arnold. He did some legal research and very quickly he was able to send me information that made me immediately feel confident in my case. He is quite knowledgable, informative and gave me useful and creative advices which quickly cleared my anxiety and concern. I had little knowledge about the legal system and confidence in my case initially, he gave me strong support and made me feel positive during my whole case. I was almost driven crazy by the unreasonable opposing party in previous proceedings, however after talking with Mr. Arnold, I was never afraid. He understands my anxiety and responds my email pretty fast, gave me excellent ideas and never kept me alone waiting worriedly. He has many good qualities which are very rare among many attorneys, caring and understanding, honest and truly help with your concern, and he offers practical opinions. I am very grateful for his willingness to help and share and would highly recommend his second opinion service to anyone without hesitation.

They truly help!

Natalie, Z., Japan - 1-29-15 (Second Opinion)

This is a long overdue review of Mr. Arnold and his team. Like a lot of same-sex couples looking to dissolve a long-term domestic partnership, I was shocked and overwhelmed by the vastly complicated and rapidly changing laws regarding California same-sex domestic partnerships/marriage laws. After meeting with several attorneys throughout Southern California, there was no doubt in my mind that Mr. Arnold was not only the most literate and up-to-date with current laws, he truly is an advocate for those who may have been mistreated and do not have the same level of resources as their ex's.

Mr. Arnold was amazing at explaining the process each step of the way and offered me options for proceeding with an extremely complicated and far less than amicable legal process with the other side. Mr. Arnold is genuinely empathetic but is also completely forward and honest with realistic settlement/process expectations, unlike many other lawyers I met. Honestly, he is the first lawyer that I have encountered who I could describe is having integrity. His legal assistant, Diane deserves a medal. She has been so helpful and kind but also very straightforward and responsive.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Mr. Arnold to anyone seeking representation for divorce or dissolving a domestic partnership. He is certainly the most experienced and knowledgeable attorney for any LGBT person in California to have on their side.

Richard, Client, 11/14

A fellow Avvo attorney referred me to an article on Mr. Arnold's web site. It was truly well written, informative and in plain English and conveyed the qualities that every client would look for when hiring an attorney.

Attorney Michael Dolan, Los Angeles, CA, Enlightened Divorce Fan,12/14

There are few legal resources for In Pro Pers and Mr. Thurman's website has been my go to site. The site has been tremendous help as a starting point for my research and spot on for the information I need.

The man behind the site is just as amazing and is certainly ahead of his field in integrity, insight and experience. He is the people’s attorney.

Anthony, Client, 11/1/14

I found Thurman Arnold last year, and could not be more pleased with the work he has done for me thus far. I am in the middle of a very bad divorce, and it would truly have been the worst experience of my life, had it not been for Thurman. He calmed me down when I went into panic mode, has been understanding, and this week represented me in court... against my husband's attorney. I cannot stress enough what a fantastic job he did. In summation....we WON. It's not over yet, but he got me a very fair amount of support money, and attorney fees for himself. I am beyond pleased with his representation. The battle is not over yet, but I know that when it is, I will be able to tell the world that I could not have gotten a better result with ANY other attorney!!!

Linda A., Las Vegas, NV, Client - 10/19/14

Dear Mr. Arnold,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking time from your busy day to discuss my divorce situation and provide me a Second Opinion.

It was kind of you to give me so much extra time for legal information. I feel most fortunate to have benefited from your consultations. It seems as if we will not be able to go forward to have you for my lawyer but I thank you and am very grateful to have met you.

Sue, Second Opinion, 7/1/14

Michael Peterson was the most honest and concerned attorney i have ever worked with. His knowledge of the law, along with the passion for protecting his clients make it a very easy decision when it comes to selecting an attorney to trust. i would recommend him to anyone that asks me if i know a good attorney. His work speaks for itself. Choose Mr. Peterson and you will not be let down.

Cameron N., Client, Palm Desert, CA, Client - 5/19/14

I am so thankful I found Thurman. Maneuvering my way through a contentious divorce first through lazy and incompetent attorneys who just seemed to care about lining their wallets and then on my own proved, to be quite daunting. After having a couple of phone consultations with Thurman I now feel that I am in competent legal hands and am sleeping better at night.

Beatrice S., 5/3/14

Meeting with Attorney Michael C. Peterson at The Law Firm of Thurman W. Arnold III has enlightened us tremendously. It is clear that he is a Certified Family Law Specialist. We are happy to retain his services based on the high level of expertise, sophistication and experience he brings to the unique needs of our case. We actively believe in and apply the approach Mr. Peterson recommends while the details of the processes evolve. He is highly skilled at focusing in on our specific concerns and directly resolving each one with a plan of action. It is reassuring to have an attorney with serious stats, who also truly cares about our interests, on our side. Without any hesitation, we wholeheartedly are confident that Mr. Peterson will meet and exceed your expectations for legal representation. We are forever grateful.

Sophie O., 5/3/14

Thurman's website is the most content-rich family law website in Southern California. I often refer client's to his site. He truly is an honor to our profession, especially in these days. I recommend clients to him without hesitation.

Iris McKay, San Diego, CA Attorney, Enlightened Divorce Fany - 4/14

Dear Mr. Arnold,

I have often run into your blog when researching family law issues on the web and have become a fan of yours. I have been running a family law legal blog for Korean-American women in the North America region for the past five years or so myself, but your blog is so full of wealth of knowledge; I've been much impressed!

Jinna King, Esq., Los Angeles Family Law and Immigration Attorney - 3/20/14

I have been an avid reader of your blog for the almost five years since my divorce process began. In fact, I emailed you in the past and asked you to suggest a charity to which I could donate as a way of expressing my gratitude. (I wound up making a donation to one of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.)

Having run out of money, I have been representing myself for about two years. The current issue before the court is the petitioner’s motion for alternate date of valuation filed with regard to my territory as a yearbook representative. I am arguing that I did not own my territory. They argue that I may not have owned the territory, but I had a “book of business” that had value to the community. I was doing very well until he dropped the new case, IRMO Finby. That is the issue about which I need some advice.

I am interested in having a webcam consult with you.



Dear Mr. Arnold,

As promised, we have sent a check for $350 as my way of compensating you for your assistance in helping me prepare my case. I faced [my ex-Wife's attorney] in court yesterday, and while the court will be making a written ruling at some future point, it was clear from the questions asked by the bench that my arguments were persuasive.

The highlight of the day came when I prefaced a statement with, “While I have never attended law school.” The court interrupted me, saying, “Seriously? You really have never been to law school?” He then went on to say that in his more than ten year career on the bench, I was by far the best Pro Per he had ever seen. Much of that compliment belongs to you.

Thanks again,

B.B., Second Opinion Client - April, 2014

I Highly Recommend Thurman Arnold.

My wife filed and asked me to move out back in 2012 and we quickly crafted a settlement that she really never intended to honor. I hired a B rate attorney, for a high conflict asset rich case and only after my wife "ginned up" a TRO in an attempt to manipulate custody and our community Did I realize that I needed to upgrade my Council.

I interviewed multiple LA attorneys and ultimately was referred to Thurman Arnold. He was fearless, methodical, and well respected by all of the family law judges in Indio. Without his determination and intellect, my case would be headed for an expensive emotionally taxing trial. Thurman is a superb advocate and truly the top attorney in the Desert!

Robert J., Indian Wells, CA, Client - 3/6/14

Hire him now, his approach and the team that works for him are the best. I found him only by calling courts system and asked "who was the best" and in three calls his name was given! Insightful, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I live in Florida so had to do things remote, he took care of all details and represented me well in courts.

Stan S., Client - 3/4/14

I filed for divorce from my spouse on my own thinking and hoping it would be amicable and I could "go it alone." I left my initial hearing dumfounded, scared and in way over my head. I found Mr. Arnold after searching on line for attorneys and finding his website. It is comprehensive, informative. Honestly, it is the best website out there, very impressive. My initial consultation was him sitting down with me and going over my options in a very straightforward, honest way. No pressure. His passion, skill and dedication to his work coupled with his vast knowledge of family law helped me navigate the rough and sometimes painful process. He cared about me as a person going through a difficult situation. He fees are more than fair. I could not have done it without him. He was able to negotiate a fair settlement and avoid a trial. Please, go see Mr. Arnold. He is truly the best.

Renee M., Palm Springs, CA Client - 3/2/14

Mr. Arnold has a very creative approach to the law: he thinks outside the box and works hard to find creative solutions. He is also a tremendous advocate and fought hard for me. Because of his leadership in the family law Bar, he knows the attorneys, the judges, and the relevant experts, which allows him to properly scope the status of things. I highly recommend Attorney Arnold.

Joann B., Santa Barbara, CA, Family Law Attorney - 2/15/14

Hi Thurman,

I have been reading your blogs for the past few months now and I so admire you for what you do. I don't trust or like attorneys, particularly family law attorneys, but you're an exception. You changed my view on how I think of lawyers, and thank God there are a few good, ethical attorneys like yourself out there. With that said, let me get to the point of why I'm contacting you. I live in San Pedro and you're in Palm Spring so I realize because of the distance it's not feasible to retain you. But I was wondering if I could ask for your advice or to see if you think it's a good idea for me to have a second opinion with you (buy an hour of your time)....

W., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan 2/14/14

Thurman Arnold is extremely knowledgeable in family law. He shares his knowledge freely with the public with his family law blogs. Thurman is very professional, has high ethics, and has a genuine passion for family law. Thurman, respects other lawyers, be it young ones or experienced ones like himself and in my book is what a family law attorney should be, caring, compassionate, honest and well versed in the family law.

Farzad Nezam, Encino Family Law Attorney, 2/14

Mr. Arnold is a man who has genuine passion for family law and sincere compassion for anyone who is going through the painful process of divorce. I have been an avid reader of his blog for over three years. When I ran out of money and had to begin to represent myself, I found his blog to be life-saving. One amazing thing about his website is how comprehensive it is. So many times I would google a question about family law or even the title of a specific case and his site would appear in the search response. Now, I usually just visit his site first! Recently, I have interacted with him via email. He is every bit the kind and generous man he appears to be on his blog. Simply put: his blog has been a tremendous blessing!

Bret B., San Diego, CA, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 2/17/14

Hello Thurman,

I just have to say, great article on "How is temporary support calculated in California" I could not determine how temporary support ends, but you answered that by saying that I need a "judgement". Since my case is very complex with a seperate property suit happening it could be two more years (one year in already) before a judgement is reached on only a 5 year marriage. I'm now going to seek bifurcation on the property issues to get a judgement to end temporary support.

I wish that I lived down there (from Vallejo, CA) because I would come see you for a consult.

Again great article! Great writing skill.

Take care,

Steve, Vallejo, CA, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan (1/24/14)

Desert Family Mediation Services provides an invaluable service to couples desiring to end their relationship in a respectful way. With the help of trained professionals couples are able to create their own agreements that in the end will save them time, money and keep the control of the process in their hands by staying out of court. I would highly recommend DFMS to anyone seeking a divorce - their thorough assessment will let you know right away if this is the right process for you. Call them first if possible before you make this life-changing decision!

Bev J., Fellow Professional, PS, CA - 1/21/14

My ex and I decided to divorce in October of 2010. I was the "out spouse" in my divorce and the spouse that has more to lose. In the beginning, I tried to settle our divorce amicably without using any lawyers. After a whirlwind of emotions, I decided it was the wrong thing to do. I then searched the web and stumbled on Mr. Arnold's mediation website. After reading his journals, I decided that perhaps we could mediate rather than going through court. The next day, I proposed it to my ex to use Mr. Arnold's office to mediate, but to my surprise she was already represented and has begun her proceedings - not to mention she closed all of our bank accounts leaving me with $15 in my pocket. 1Dazed and confused, I consulted with Mr. Arnold. He immediately placed me at ease and armed me with confidence for what to expect. Mr. Arnold was direct, reasonable and what I like about him the most – he does not put up with nonsense. In court, I observed Mr. Arnold to have a very reputable presence in front of the judge. Twice I went to trial with him and his arguments were spot on. It is definitely a huge plus to have him on your side in the courtroom.

Now my divorce is final. I have joint custody of my kids. I have more than what I wanted in our settlement. Although I still have a few small items that needs to be resolved, I am confident that Mr. Arnold, his associate Mr. Peterson and his elite staff: Diane, Kristin and Jordan, will serve me well.

I do not wish upon to anyone to get a divorce, but if you do, Mr. Arnold and Mr. Peterson will represent you well. They know their stuff and they are all worth it!

Rod M., Client - 1/13/14

Dear Thurman Arnold and partners:

I'm a family law attorney in SF, representing mostly mothers, and just wanted to say that I have turned to the information you have on your website more times than I can count for clear, accurate and always helpful information and sample forms. Your site is so good, I've been stymied in putting together a site of my own, and wonder if you would mind if I just referred any visitors to my site to yours for further information.

Thanks for your good work, emotional intelligence, and for having and sharing my values when it comes to family law practice.


A. T., Esq., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan (1/12/14)

Mr. Arnold is the exception to the rule in Family Law - an excellent attorney focused on the client, the law, the facts and achieving a positive result for the client. I recommend Mr. Arnold without reservation to anyone who is interested in resolving the legal issues in their divorce - equitable property division,ensuring truthful disclosure of assets for support, child custody and support, discovery, attorney fees and sanctions. Mr. Arnold is focused on achieving positive solutions for his clients and not on wasting client money with a "war of the roses." At a time when you can be emotionally drained from the actions of a vindictive ex-spouse and his/her pit-bull attorney, Mr. Arnold and his team exude a measure of capability and calm that underscores their commitment to focusing on the proper application of law to the facts to achieve a time and cost-effective positive resolution of the matter. Even the reception staff at his office is understanding as to the urgency a client feels when trying to understand deadlines, legal requests for personal information, court procedures and legal documents. Mr. Arnold in his Divorce Blog makes the legal process and the unspoken rules of family law, courts and judges understandable. Mr. Arnold provides his readers with an insider's understanding of the divorce process. Not only is his Divorce Blog valuable, but it is enjoyable to read and is constantly updated, demonstrating Mr. Arnold's constant updating of his own knowledge of ongoing critical developments in the law that can be used to his clients' advantage. My divorce case, and thus, my life would have been much better had I met Mr. Arnold earlier in the process.

I recommend Mr. Arnold without reservation.

Stacy M., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 1/8/14

Thurman and his great team were there for me when I really needed someone on my side. I was being bullied by my wife's attorney and was completely overwhelmed. Thurman and his team stepped in and took over immediately. Everyone from Thurman on down were professional, thorough, compassionate, and all around top notch. They weren't in it to just collect a fee; they listened to what I had to say and put together a first class plan to work through my divorce. Going through a nasty divorce is an absolute horrible experience! Thurman and his team communicated and guided me through every step, staying positive and aggressive in their approach. They kept me strong and focused on the tasks; always communicating with me so I could completely understand. I honestly don't believe anyone else could have taken me through this experience as pleasantly and thoughtfully as Thurman did; it was as if we were family. His ethics and compassion for what he does are unparalleled. I've never dealt with an attorney with so much heart, yet still such vigor and determination when dealing with a case. He stood up for me when I wasn't able to stand up for myself. Great character, great ethics, great knowledge, great attorney, great guy! You won't regret having him on your side.

Anonymous Client - 12/13

I sought a second opinion from Thurman Arnold, as I felt like I needed some assurances about what my current lawyer was doing with my case, and I also needed advice. In one hour, Mr. Arnold provided me with a legal strategy and more specific advice than my current lawyer has provided me with (and billed me for) over the course of the past 3 weeks. I will continue to seek backup advice and strategy assistance from Mr. Arnold. I would have hired him as my primary attorney immediately, but for the fact that I live in a different city. When it comes to family law matters, expertise, experience and knowledge is critical. He is well worth the money.

JR, San Diego, Second Opinion Client - 11/13

While most divorces are difficult, I can say that mine would put the "War of the Roses" to shame. Despite the huge challenge, Thurman was able to maneuver his way through the abyss and bring my settlement to a very favorable one for me. He is quite knowledgeable and was quick to act to protect my interest. His staff Diane and Kristin and associate Atty. Peterson were certainly an asset in the process and were always there to listen to my questions and concerns. I know that I was not their only client, and yet, they all went above and beyond their call of duty to work toward a final resolution. I would like to publicly thank Thurman for all of his hard work. I can't imagine anyone else going anywhere else if they need the best attorney in the desert . While I won't miss the litigation, I will miss them all!

Cyndi W., Dana Point, CA, Client - 10/17/13

Team, I wanted to drop you a short e-mail (Who am I kidding? I’m not capable of writing a “short” e-mail!) to let all of you know how much I appreciate all of your efforts and what you did for me. I know it wasn’t always smooth sailing, and that I can be a little difficult to deal with at times, but all of you were marvelous throughout this fiasco of a divorce we went through. Thank you for letting me rant at times, and for being patient with me, and compassionate when I needed that as well. When opposing counsel was basically trying to bully me around and I had no idea how I was possibly going to get through this, I said a small prayer that I couldn’t get through this on my own, and put it in God’s hands. I knew He was truly watching over me when you (Thurman) took me on when you were already swamped. I REALLY appreciated you meeting with me and making you and your team available to me for this case. There is NO way I could have ever gotten through this without all of you.

Diane, you were amazing! We’d sit there in your office and you’d walk me through everything, and together we just knocked it all out. You really know your stuff and that was a HUGE help for me because, quite frankly, I was overwhelmed.

Michael, you were a gem, buddy! I know you dealt with A LOT of my long, hard speeches on the phone, and had to endure my frustrated e-mails as well; thanks for listening to me and still standing your ground on what you believed was in my best interest. I appreciate you listening to what I had to say, yet strategically steering me in the direction you knew I needed to go. Also, you really shined in court that day; it still brings a smile to my face when I tell people how you had an immediate response for every bullshit word that came out of [opposing counsel's] mouth that day. Well done, sir!

Thurman, the man at the helm … thanks for hearing me out and sticking with me when you were ready to throw me out with the bath water there for a moment. I know I can be a little rough around the edges at times, but it’s just because I’m very passionate about all aspects of life. I don’t like seeing people get taken advantage of, and I certainly don’t like it when I feel someone tries to take advantage of me. With all sincerity, thank you again for being sympathetic to my situation and taking me on.

I hope your dog is doing better as well. I got a new dog now. Here’s a picture of him (Oliver (Ollie), 3 years old, from the shelter) in his new Halloween costume. How in the hell could someone abandon this little guy??!?

Once again, thank you all! God bless.

T.S., satisfied client! - 10/15/13

My name is J___ and I am a bonded LDA in _________ County. I just wanted to say that I came across your blog and enjoyed it very much. When I was younger, I dreamt of growing up to be a famous movie star or an attorney – well, not quite there yet. Haha. (But I am on the cover of a magazine for being a cancer survivor.) ;o)

I just wanted to say how important, especially because I am also going through the family law process, it is to know there are thoughtful and considerate attorneys who are practicing their profession with heart. That is the impression I took from your blog. Thank you for the work you do. I have been at odds with my son's father's attorney who files things at the last minute and files POS that are not true. I had become so distressed I recently thought "I will never become an attorney if it's that bad a profession!" The truth is, it should drive me to become one because we need good people who are not afraid to do the Lord's work in this profession. Your blog helped me with that! Families are the staple of our communities. May your work always be blessed as it is appreciated.

Best Regards,

J., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 9/5/13

Dear Mr. Arnold:

I want to thank you for your recent representation of me and, yes indeed, for taking me on as a client in your busy practice.

Over the years I've been exposed to many law firms. You run your practice like a large firm, but with a more comfortable level of personal attention. I enjoyed my interactions with you and your entire staff, and appreciated the obvious quality of your work.

I have to say you do justice to your amazing pedigree.

Steven M. Anders, J.D., Private Fiduciary Services (9/3/13)

You are worth every penny. Your firm is a class act.

A satisfied client, 7/1/13

Since July 2009 in which a had hired another attorney that lasted only 6 months. I hired Thurman to take over this tough family law case with ex. Which my ex has lie in court repeatedly, hidden large amount of money and now after losing to Thurman in Family Law court trial has filed BK to try and stop him from pursuing in court on the large amount of money that the ex has hidden. I all can say is Thurman will work for you to make things right.

Ron, Client, 6/13

Mr. Arnold:

Last year I sought Second Opinion advice regarding an issue which has since come to a wonderful conclusion. Though your counsel was invaluable, it was your sensitivity, integrity and professionalism that were most comforting and impressive. As a result of that experience, I am now seeking your counsel [again].

Rick Q., 5/16/13

Thurman and his great team were there for me when I really needed someone on my side. I was being bullied by my wife's attorney and was completely overwhelmed. Thurman and his team stepped in and took over immediately. Everyone from Thurman on down were professional, thorough, compassionate, and all around top notch. They weren't in it to just collect a fee; they listened to what I had to say and put together a first class plan to work through my divorce. Going through a nasty divorce is an absolute horrible experience! Thurman and his team communicated and guided me through every step, staying positive and aggressive in their approach. They kept me strong and focused on the tasks; always communicating with me so I could completely understand. I honestly don't believe anyone else could have taken me through this experience as pleasantly and thoughtfully as Thurman did; it was as if we were family. His ethics and compassion for what he does are unparalleled. I've never dealt with an attorney with so much heart, yet still such vigor and determination when dealing with a case. He stood up for me when I wasn't able to stand up for myself. Great character, great ethics, great knowledge, great attorney, great guy! You won't regret having him on your side.

Thomas, Client, 4/13

Mr. Arnold have good understanding of the law. He have the best office staff. Keep me informed and give me the confidence that I need it to get through my divorce. I highly recommend this professional for any divorce ,mediation and settlement litigation . He is well respected among lawyers and judges.

Aldo, Client, 4/20/13

I endorse this lawyer. Wes is very highly regarded by his peers and, to the best of my knowledge, clients. He is very active in the community and promotes peaceful resolutions to family law disputes. Wes is a trained mediator as well as being an exceptional lawyer. I endorse him without reservation.

Donald Cripe, Riverside Family Law and Mediator, 4/13

Now I can see why you are the best at what you do. You have a passion for what you do plus you are like me. You are a very, very, very hard worker. You are the ideal attorney to have represent me.

Thank you!!!! I just get so overwhelmed with everything. Too many files, too much paper work, plus supporting the children and the household all by myself. At times I feel like how much more does God think I can handle. But I always try to remember, God never gives us more than what we can handle.

Apparently he thinks very highly of us!!!

Anonymous Client, 3/12/13

Many thanks - your various articles on family law are generally the best, most useful, and easiest to understand about divorce that I've found on the web. Let me know if you need further information about my question about …. I'll check your blog for an answer. If it's something not of interest to you,
then I'll still be very happy with all the good pointers I've already gotten from your blog.

Anonymous Univ. of California Professor, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 3/11/13

After believing I had long settled matters with my ex-wife without attorneys, I was faced with an
extremely challenging and daunting legal challenge that could have had a devastating impact on my children and me. After substantial research, I found Thurman's website where I read insightful and up-to-date legal analysis. In his writings, my initial consultation with him, and throughout his representation in a series of legal challenges I faced, I have been as impressed with Thurman's approach as I have with his sharp legal mind. Thurman was focused on the outcomes, and not just the legal outcomes: the impact that reactive approaches could have on my children, on my wallet, and even on the impact such approaches might have on ongoing the relationship I must continue to have with my ex-spouse.

I highly recommend Thurman Arnold!

Client - 2/20/13

Dear Mr. Arnold,

Thank you so much for your immediate response and for the time that you have dedicated to helping me with this matter.

* * *

I am extremely grateful that you will be representing me as your client. I am very honored to have you as my attorney. I look forward to working with you to assist me in finalizing all the financial matters that need to be done for me and my children. Thank you for your time. I greatly appreciate you.

Client, 2/15/13

Mr. Thurman Arnold III is the BEST attorney I have ever worked with! He helped me get through some very difficult times. Along with M., Arnold is his wonderful staff, Diane and Kristin. They make up for an excellent team. They were always kind and very supportive. They are a wonderful team to work with...specially when you are going through some very difficult times in your personal life...like a divorce you never saw coming! Along with being very knowledgeable and highly ethical, Thurman is very compassionate! Not only in his work field but in his everyday life , Thurman always finds the time to be there for you. He also has a very kind and loving soft spot for animals...Thurman would always remember to ask me about my loving animals. Everything Thurman did for me was above and beyond the call of duty. Thurman is the kind of person who will always be there for you when you need him...along with his loving and caring staff! They were like family to me! They will always be in my life and I know if I need his help he is only a phone call away!! Thanks again for making my life a better place!

Pamela (and her furry friends), Client - 1/4/13

I am very pleased with the services Mr. Arnold and his staff have provided to me. They are thorough in their work and explain the law in layman's terms. Mr. Arnold personally interviewed me and searched for all the things that might improve the outcome of my case. Things I thought that might be negative he turned into a positive. Additionally, Mr. Arnold and his staff always treat me with respect even when I ask a dumb question.

Paul, Client, 12/15/12


Thanks so much for responding so quickly....

By the way, I had a chance to look at your website, and I have to tell you it is one of the most impressive legal (or any other kind, for that matter) websites that I have ever seen. Although I like most everything about it, I especially like the content and the way that your principles and values, which I share, coming shining through. Kudos!

Best regards

Anonymous Attorney, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 10/9/12

I stumbled on your website as I was searching for information to help me as I finish preparing for my own divorce case because my previous lawyer allowed my divorce case to languish for 5 years and recently the court sought to dismiss the case for inactivity.... Your blog has been helpful in pointing me in several areas I need to address when I appear to meet with the judge soon. I love your philosophy and will recommend you to anyone I know who has the misfortune of experiencing a divorce. I am new attorney as of this year and I believe that a balanced approach to divorce and one's life is the absolute best way to handle life's challenges, hardships, and unexpected twists.

M.K., Attorney and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 9/16/12

Thurman - excellent blog and analysis of the Duras case. I practice in *** and am looking for a lawyer to file a support motion in *** . Is this something you would be interested in? We are having a hard time find competent counsel in ****.
Your blog is the best treatment on the difficult situation that we face as attorneys needing to be aggressive when we're forced into litigation with a client needing to feel they are aggressively represented. Such a tough call for those of us biased in favor of mediation. Kudos to your openness in your blog. I will be more than happy to suggest that our firm refer Riverside cases to you.

Anonymous Attorney and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 8/17/12

My ex has wealthy parents. I'm trying to get custody on my own. I can't thank you enough for your website. Is there any place to make 'thank you' donations?

I'm in Santa Barbara County if you have any references here I'd be very grateful. May soon need counsel, and any friend of yours is someone I already trust more than average."

Regards, J., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - April, 2012

I have learned so much from reading about Thurman and his wealth of information he provides to people like me who need to understand how to deal with the issues in Family Law that involves the dissolution of a registered domestic partnership. I appreciate this opportunity to be educated and respect you, Thurman, for the expertise and caring you offer to those who need help. Blessings to you and Jake."

Dorothy Mae, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 3/27/12

Mr. Arnold, from my experience with family law, really is "as good as it gets!" He has a rare blend of expertise and understanding. He shares a wealth of information on his website and does not treat the law as if it is some mystical secret known only to the elite! When you need a family lawyer, you need someone who is very grounded because the odds are pretty good that you won't be! He is that "someone!"

Jim W., Client - 3/20/12

Dear Mr. Arnold,

I have wanted to write you for one year and 4 months to thank you for your help in my divorce.
I discovered your blog in November of 2010, probably at 3AM ... so your blog was instrumental in helping me.... Your blog has helped me keep a sense of humor and the presence of my Savior at the most inexplicable times. One was at 3AM this morning when I found my old friend Thurman Arnold.

had a new custody article. It was on the Jon Cryer custody stuff.... I learned the Art of Tracing at your knee - many thanks for that. It is appalling what Family Law lawyers do not or do not want to know.

I now have a new lawyer. There are a million other blessings I could share but they would fill pages.

Take care.

M., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 3/6/2012

I was looking for a family law SEO specialist to create a new website for me and his site had a high Google rank. The site is thorough, yet simple to navigate. He writes with remarkable knowledge and clarity, rare for lawyer. His design is clean. I selected him as my website designer primarily based on the appeal and ranking of his site - he clearly knows his SEO stuff. I chose him over at least 15 other firms I contacted, including all of the big players, and not because of cost, but because of his competence.
He also has tremendous knowledge of Family Law, and I use his site, and insight, as a resource on substantive Family Law and for the concern he expresses for his clients.

J.C., Northern California Divorce and Family Law Attorney and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 2/17/12

Mr. Arnold:

I came across your website during a Google search and wanted to take a moment to commend you for a brillant website.

It always helps me as a Family Court Judge when self-represented litigants (or represented litigants, for that matter) have some understanding of the reasons I may decide their cases as I do. It is thoughtful, informative websites such as yours that helps with that process, providing a valuable 'pro bono' service to the community.

Good job!

A northern California Family Court Judge and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan, 1/24/12

Entering legal procedings is stressful and scary. Dealing with child custody and divorce, it feels like your entire life is dangling in the hands of other people, Mr. Arnold has the legal insight to defend you.

You will need an attorney that has the knowledge and experience to handle your case, Mr. Arnold is that Lawyer. Mr. Arnold knows the law, knows what and what not to do and how to do it. I had a challenging case and He handled it with perfection. I am so pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Mr. Arnold and his office to my family and friends if they ever needed legal help.

Client 1/23/12

Dear Mr. Arnold, Just wanted to say 'thank you' very much for taking the time and especially for going into some 'overtime!' consulting with me. I know my situation proved all the more difficult by currently living out of the country,... and [my] special needs children.

Cyndi ***, Client - 11/2/11

I rank Mr. Arnold as excellent and a 10 out of 10 in all categories in the handling of my case. My overall experience with the Arnold Law Office was Great! I would recommend him to any family member or co-worker. Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous Client - 10/31/11

Mr. Arnold was attentive, empathetic, knowledgeable and an excellent strategist. I felt well represented & prepared in every aspect of my case. Mr. Arnold felt like a friend in my perceived 'crisis' situation. He was calming and settling in our conversations. Thank you Thurman!"

Anonymous Client - 9/23/11

"I had lost hope in the world of 'attorneys/legal counsel' to help and advice with skill and knowledge for a persons best interest concerning their legal issues in need of help with. An attorney who would be honest and straight forward with integrity and a heart of true compassion. An attorney who is excited about law and the justice it can bring and who is just as passionate when justice is wrongfully denied.
An attorney who listens patiently when you are all over the place with anxiety and despair or ADHD :) Well, I can honestly say today I received "legal counsel" from an Attorney!.... After my appointment for a second opinion, Hope has been restored and the energy and fight to keep going is alive it was fading. For me to give up, is just not an option. Humbly, I will continue to move forward. Thank you Mr. Arnold.... Thank you Sir! Attorney Arnold is all and more of what many people have stated about him ... it is a fact!

R. Taylor, Second Opinion Client - 9/15/11

Thurman, I just want to follow-up on your bill and all the assistance you gave me. I did not ignore the bill, the post office did not forward it. We just returned Friday and found it at the neighbor's.
I'm so sorry that happened as you treated me wonderfully and I feel you were more than fair in our charges.

J.N., Client - 9/1/11

I rank Mr. Arnold's firm 5/5 in my interactions with his office and 10/10 in terms of my overall experience and whether I'd recommend him to others. While he did not appear exactly on time for my court appearances, he did warn me in advance that he would be late and explained that hearings don't usually begin in Indio at 8:15 and that I would be 'on the meter' while we waited for the case to be called.

Anonymous Client - 8/15/11

Mr. Arnold is extremely knowledgeable and committed. He knows the ins and outs of the system: if there is a way, he will find it. I am more than happy with his help in my complicated divorce case.

Anonymous Client - 8/5/11

Thank you sooo much for all of your hard work. I have been able to sleep these last few days and I owe you that.

Client, Claudia Z - 8/1/11

Dear Thurman,

Thank you so very much for your time and advice. Our meeting with you last week has given [Jane Doe] much hope and for that I cannot express my gratitude enough. It was such a pleasure to meet you! I leave you with the three little words you may be dreading - 'I'll be back'. Warmest regards.

Anonymous Client Relative - 7/30/11

Just wanted to say 'thank you' very much for taking the time and especially for going into 'overtime!' consulting with me.... I think it ... important to have a solid, knowledgeable ally on my side and to get things started off on the right foot from the get-go.... Working to get together the $ to be able to work with you on my situation. Hope to be in touch again ASAP - Thanks again, warm regards

C.I., Client - 7/11/11

Many thanks for your great website. My husband is divorcing me and one of your linked articles on Aggressive Divorce said so much.... As a paralegal under B&P§6450 et seq., I appreciate our attorneys who have the highest regard for professionalism and ethics.

In other words, you are a breath of fresh air! ... Wish our case were in Riverside County ...

Tona, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 6/30/11

Thurman thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to my case. I am glad I turned to you to be my attorney. You are a good man and lawyer. My whole family and myself are grateful to you and your staff.

Roger, Client - 6/6/11

I was referred to Mr. Arnold by a retired judge and also by a local therapist. Ours was a collaborative divorce, and my husband is an attorney. In almost all categories I rank him 5/5. Good job. Thank you!"

C.G., Collaborative Divorce Client - 6/14/11

Your blog articles are unlike anything I've seen in the family law area. When I was searching for pleadings or information throughout the course of my case, the search results regularly came back with your site....

Anonymous Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan, 5/15/11

Mr. Arnold,

As one of the counsel in the case, I much enjoyed reading your article on Davenport.

Anonymous Attorney and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 5/12/11

I love your website and your philosophy. Keep up the good work!

Tammy, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 5/11/11

We love ThurmanArnold.com!

Dear Thurman,

I really appreciate your collection of resources on the thurmanarnold.com website,

Joan Ryder, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 5/9/11

Thurman is that rare attorney who promotes cooperative, non-adversarial divorce. Where many attorneys exacerbate conflict because it inevitably results in legal fees, Thurman promotes resolution and fair settlement. On his website and blog, he provides more useful information than the family law facilitator in superior court. Many divorce information websites pass on outdated or erroneous information. If an important family law case is published anywhere in the state, Thurman will analyze it and post it on his blog within days of the decision. It is not exaggeration to say that he is ahead of the curve when it comes to family law. I highly recommend his services. Your blog has been invaluable to me in my dissolution case.

Stephen J., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 5/8/11

Great post as usual.

Gary Fong, Party to IRMO Marriage of Fong - 3/9/11

I want to tell you that I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! I have been involved in a very high-conflict Perplexing custody for quite some time. THANK YOU for supplying such a great amount and knowledge of legal information on your website.

S. M., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan – 2/17/11

I have been a long time client of Mr. Arnold's. I rank he and his staff 4/5 in returning calls and getting in for appointments. I rank him 10/10 for his knowledge and communication style. Diane Dancy is excellent. Mr. Arnold referred me to therapist Kim Phillips and I was very satisfied with her helping in solving all of our custody issues. Mr. Arnold could have been more forceful in advising me against a remarriage I was contemplating at the time.

Anonymous Client - 1/14/11

I found Mr. Arnold through his website. I rank Mr. Arnold 5/5 for returning calls, getting in for appointments, for professionalism, empathy and caring, being sincere and caring about my case, and being respectful of my concerns, and informing me about the law. He was professional, sincere, and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him.

Anonymous Client - 12/22/10

Just wanted to thank you for your website. It's encouraging to find attorneys who seem to care. I am working at organizing a conference in Las Vegas to train attorneys to 'do it right for the children' and not for money....

Danielle D, Ph.D, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan -12/15/10

Dear Mr. Arnold,

I read and appreciated your cogent blog piece on the much-needed amendments regarding attorney fees under the Family Code...."

Douglas P., Attorney and Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 12/13/10

I opened your beautiful website and was in awe. You have such a refreshing perspective on the practice of law and you come from such a balanced place. I can appreciate this because I am working on my master's degree in transpersonal psychology. I too attempt to integrate this type of balance into my life.

Suzanne C., Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 12/11/10

I am very pleased with the work you did on my website and if you ever need any recommendations, please feel free to use me as a referral source. I would be more than happy to pass along my highest recommendations.

Newport Beach Family Attorney Michael Spiekerman, Attorney Web Wizard Client - 12/10/10

Thurmond, thanks for your excellent articles.

Bruce J., Northern California Family Attorney, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 11/20/10

Thank you Thurman for a very professional job! You may use my first name and last initial, and I would highly recommend you to anyone who inquired about a prenuptial attorney.

Gene H., Client - 11/18/10

I would like copyright permission to distribute to my general education class participants the article/question on your webpage about Epstein/Watts/Jeffries. The page will be printed in its entirety exactly as it appears on your website, showing you as the source of the information. Thank you for your consideration.

Nicole, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 11/1/10

I decided to go take on my child support modification case without the assistance of an attorney until 3 weeks had passed and I had more questions without answers than I began with. Then on a Saturday I caved in and wrote Mr. Arnold about my case and issues I was having with the legal procedures. To my surprise, he responded within 30 minutes that same day with a detailed 10 paragraph response answering all of my very specific questions. Mr. Arnold has since continued to offer his expertise on my seemingly never ending Family Law issues and while I wouldn't tell people not to try and handle their case alone because it can be rewarding, I would definitely recommend Thurman Arnold if you find yourself in over your head. Thanks again!

Dora M., Second Opinion - 9/18/10

Hi Thurman:

I wanted to share with you that I thought your piece "Practice Makes Permanent" on Cutting Edge Law was nicely done -- wise and humorous -- and will be helpful to many. All my best,"

Scott Rogers, M.S., J.D.
Director, Institute for Mindfulness Studies
Specializing in the Study and Practice of Law

Found Mr Arnold to be very level headed and very brave to take on my divorce. He acted very professionally all the way through. Worked very well for us. We used the collaborative process."

Lee M., Collaborative Divorce Client - 8/31/10

I am being taken back to court by my ex-wife to try and change our MSA in its entirety. Mr. Arnold returned my call to his office with in 60 min of my first call to his staff who are polite attentive and team focused. He was honest, kind, and hard working. Sense his retention into my service I have found him to be a team player who has included me in every decision and choice being made for my case. I would recommend him to anyone with a need for the best attorney around.

Ryan B., Client - 8/2/10

Great article! [The Peacemaking Option for Divorce]. Here in Florida where mediation is mandated by statute in all divorces we have a community of mediators who are working to educate the public about the availability of pro-se or self-represented mediation outside the courthouse with private mediators.

Attorney Elaine Silver, 8/18/10

Nice article re Ms Kresge's talk at the AFCC. By the way - the size of the Space Shuttles was determined by the fact they had to also travel by rail - ergo the size of the space shuttles were determined by the size of a horse's bum.

Maureen, Enlightened Divorce Blog Fan - 7/9/10

Attorney Thurman Wesley Arnold returned my phone call immediately after I found him by way of his website www.thurmanarnold.com. I've been representing myself in the Riverside Court for Divorce and needed help writing a Request for Modification. Mr. Arnold understood I had no money to hire him, but still took the time to answer my questions and offered suggestions. He quoted California Case files for me to use and suggested wording to help me get my point across. I appreciate Attorney Arnold as a busy professional taking a few moments out to help Pro Per- Stay at Home Mom like me.

Doreen, 7/1/10

Just to let you know I came across your website when looking for something on a Richmond order and found it interesting and informative.

I particularly liked the quote 'rather be talking to a bunch of damn fools [judges] than listening to a bunch of damn fools [lawyers]'. I am not an attorney but knowing a few, including family members I understand.

James L. Kelly, CPA, 7/15/10

Hello Thurman,

I recently read a wonderful article you wrote regarding imputed income, and reviewed your website. I would love to have your representation on a case in Marin County regarding child support, but I see that you are in Palm Springs.

Do you have any recommendations for a Family Law lawyer in San Francisco or San Rafael? I have an urgent need for representation in an appeal for a child support case.

Donna, 4/15/10

I have been an attorney for 37 years and am a Certified Family Law Specialist. Mr Arnold and I have opposed each other in trial. He is very competent and an experienced attorney. Despite a partial trial, we were able to successfully resolve many issues without a lengthy trial.

Opposing Attorney Gordon Meyer, CFLS - 4/10/10

I have had Mr. Arnold appear in my Courtroom over the years and now that I am retired, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with him on numerous projects and cases. He is dedicated and hardworking and has at the heart of his practice the clients needs and best interests foremost. He is able to litigate a complicated matter with great skill as well as to resolve through mediation and settlement those cases that are amenable to alternate dispute resolution. A really great lawyer and leader in forward thinking Family Law issues.

Retired Family Court Judge, Gretchen W. Taylor - 3/10

If I have a family law matter, he is the guy that I send it to. Experienced, hard working and reliable."

Real Estate Attorney Mitchell Sussman - 10/09

When my divorce went to trial, it became imperative for me to hire an attorney. I live in Georgia, so I had to do over the phone consultations. When I spoke with Mr. Arnold, it just "felt right" and I retained him FIVE DAYS before trial. I arrived in CA the day 2 days before trial and he and his staff came in on Sunday to prepare. Even with the limited time, he was WONDERFUL in court (and out) and the ruling came back very favorable in my favor.
Thanks to Mr. Arnold and Diane!!

Michelle H., Client - 10/30/09

After speaking with 3 different attorneys I knew I wanted Mr. Arnold to represent me in my difficult and painful divorce. He was empathic, non-judgmental and always available. I referred a friend to him and she is also incredibly pleased with his professional manner and sound advice.

9/11/09 - Anonymous

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