Second Opinion Divorce and Family Law Consults Offered in January, 2017 At An Experimental Fixed Rate!

Want a California Divorce or Family Law Second Opinion On Your Pending or Soon to Be Filed Case from Expert and Experienced Family Law Attorneys?

~ Please Don't Blow Yourself Up ~

I've decided to experiment with something that I've been noodling, and think will be fun, although the fact that I believe that shows what family law obsessed nuts Michael C. Peterson, CFLS, and I are! As any of our regular readers know, we have been offering Discreet Second Opinion Consults to family law legal consumers for a number of years - in fact, we kind of invented the concept, at least on the Web. You may already know that we strive to produce the highest quality legal blogs and to provide tons of free information, to help empower people living in the land of relationship-endia. Our website gets over 1 million pages read each year, exactly because of our commitment to giving other lawyers, and possibly non-lawyers like yourself, quality insiders' views and analysis of the complex situations that folks are facing, in one form or another, in their family law matter. We have been complaining about how the adversarial divorce system is broken since this website was launched in 2008.

Mike Peterson and I love solving legal puzzles (yep, we are weird), which is why there are almost 1,800 pages on this website. Which does mean you could not pay us a dime, and get a superb legal education anyway, just by clicking through this site!

We have a successful practice in our daytime lives. Thurman writes these blogs in the mornings and evenings. Possibly this would not be true but for his own obligatory and highly amicable divorce, and no one at home besides Jasmine the Jack Russell to complain about all the typing he does. But all things are perfect.

We love litigating cases; I love conducting mediations even more. But I love teaching people about divorce and family law, and helping to inform them though I may never meet them, best of all. We want to help you get out of your mess intact!

I recognize that Second Opinions are costly for people, many of whom already have an attorney and have parted with thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of dollars in attorney fees. My regular hourly rate for Second Opinions is $4425, below my rate for cases where I represent the client ($475/hour). I charge $425/hour for mediations in order to encourage people by making that more affordable. Our goal is not to back-bite or criticize other lawyers, or to embarrass anyone. It is only to impart realism, direction, and focus. Please give us a pass if that is where you are, though you have every right to feel how you feel.

Candid and Reliable Feedback, on the Relative Cheap in January, 2017

So, for the month of January, 2017, I want to experiment with an offer to those who need expert and honest feedback about their cases and situations, whether they are already represented or if they are self-represented. After all, we don't expect to become your lawyers - we just want you to be as smart and prepared as you can be, and I am exploring whether this idea resonates.

Anyone who signs up for a Second Opinion Consult with myself before the end of January, 2017, is offered a flat rate of $700 for two hours of my time (not to be rigidly enforced), which generally includes 30 to 60 minutes reviewing what is often scores of pages of materials and pleadings and then an hour-long phone call, Skype, or face to face meeting. The cost will be $600 for Michael C. Peterson under the same conditions The consults themselves will occur in January or February, depending upon our regular time constraints. I like this because it gives you the opportunity to access us, while limiting your costs to a fixed amount. Please keep in mind, in terms of timing, that Mike and I have several trials over the course of this period, which have to take precedence in favor of our existing clients but we will schedule you in a responsible manner - your time is every bit as valuable as our own.

Efffective January 1, 2018, my rates will become $425/hour for second opinions - with a two hour minimum.

If a Second Opinion on your legal relationship matters sounds like it is of value, please contact our paralegal Maria. She will coordinate the receipt of materials from you that need to be reviewed by Mike or I, before we have our session, in order to most competently assess your situation and so prepare for our conference call or meeting.

Please understand, we cannot offer 4 hours of work for less than 2 hours worth of fees so both sides need to be respectful of the other, but we'd like to see if this is a concept that might be of value to legal consumers; there are no tricks or gimmicks - we just want to help you in a manner that is affordable and reasonable to you and us! LOL, we don't have a "promo-code" - just get your email off to Maria before the end of the month to set up a meeting.

To read more about Second Opinion Consults with the Arnold Law Offices, visit us here!

If you like the concept, please like this page - that also tells me about what you want.

Cheers and be safe out there!

Author: Thurman W. Arnold III, CFLS, AAML