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The Enlightened Divorce Blog™ offers solutions to situations that people commonly encounter in relationship break up, especially in California. Our vision is larger than simply to attract clients to our family law firm, although that is our desire too. We hope to help demystify the law and procedures surrounding family court litigation. We also want to share client and interest's centered peacemaking and mindfulness pointers for de-escalating divorce and family law conflict, and to explore the best current practices in the mental health sciences that might apply to your circumstances. You will find hundreds of articles here. We have hosted over 5,000,000 pages read, and over 1,600,000 folks who may be distressed and provoked like you! (If it is not obvious, we are extremely grateful and proud about these numbers!)

We provide a California Family Law Statutes portal, containing over 350 Family Code sections and relevant California and local court rules and other codes. There is commentary about them throughout our site, including "how-to's" and "Practice tips." We also offer a Family Law Forms Page which includes the California Judicial Council mandatory and optional forms with instructions on when and how to use them.

We have created an Exemplar's and Templates page and subpages that will come to contain dozens of free sample divorce forms and pleadings, including discovery exemplars, stipulations, and soon much more.

We operate Desert Family Mediation Services (DFMS) if you are interested in learning about mediating your divorce - ALWAYS the best solution!

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