Happy New Year to the Family Law Community of Afflicted Parties and Their Counsel!

2016 Revisions to the California Family Code, Rules of Court,

and Judicial Council Forms!

Greetings All, and especially to our client base in Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, Palm Springs, and beyond - this has been the longest stretch of time where we've not added new content to our website, but Michael Peterson and I just hit the wall, plus free time has been at a premium. We thank all of you who continue to email us, call, and generally ask questions and give feedback because, truth be told, it helps to keep us engaged with the monstrous task of maintaining this site while navigating our day jobs. Please do support us, if you find this site useful, including through social media. Our goal is to support you too (and to rant and complain here and there), and a Facebook "like" from you goes a long way. Unless you don't want to reinforce us 'cause we're nuts? (LOL).

I wanted to let you know that after this needed interregnum I believe we will start producing again. We've begun by updating our Family Law Statutes page to reflect the 2016 new laws and revisions to existing statutes and court rules so that you have a reliable place to find them. Of particular interest are changes to: Family Code sections 2103, 2104, 2107, 2110, and (new section) 3012. I'll be back soon to add a couple of the important new rules of court that affect how family law cases can best be litigated.

In the next few weeks we'll give some commentary on what has been (fortunately?) a mostly bleak legislative and family law commission season of new and improved California divorce and family law rules.

We've also, for the first time in some years, begun to update the Judicial Council Family Law Forms page on our site to include all those that a family law litigant may need to access in order to manage and present their case in the most effective and professional manner.

Anyway, while all this effort can be exhausting, I think "we're back"!

Cheers and more to come!