Michael C. Peterson Named As a 2017 Super Lawyers "Rising Star"!!!

Michael C. Peterson, CFLS, Named As a 2017 Super Lawyers™ Rising Star!

I am so pleased and proud to announce that Michael Peterson has received the honor of being named as a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers "Rising Star" for 2017! According to Super Lawyers, this list represents the top 2.5% of attorneys who are under 40 years of age or have practiced for ten years or less at the time of nomination. SuperLawyers is not a "buy the plaque" organization that just sells accolades for money.

I have to tell you that since Michael came on board in 2011 with our law firm when I first discovered him because he kicked my ass in oral argument on a case (so figured I better try to hire him at once) as a young 'punk' (LOL - he was no punk), he has consistently impressed and amazed me as the smartest young attorney I've ever met. Yep, probably smarter than me when I was a youngster at his age back in 1987. But then he has the advantage of me pouring everything that I can into him, in addition to all that he sees on his own - which he improves me with too. He will be a stalwart of the family law professional community for decades to come.

Mike is also very well respected by the larger legal community, and among all the judges he appears before. More than once our local judges have told me how good his reasoning and writing is, how good his oral argument is, and how credible and responsible his behavior is. His skills are impeccable. He is a frequent featured writer on our Enlightened Divorce Blog™.

He recently was voted in as the Chair of the Desert Bar Association's Family Law Section, for 2017. He became a Certified Family Law Specialist in 2015, no small achievement that requires not just a second bar exam but also a character assessment. It is the equivalent of earning the legal right to call oneself a board certified surgeon, in divorce and family law.

I love Michael as the son I never had. Heck, his Dad is my age (and brilliant as well).

If you need expert legal representation in divorce or family law in the Indio, downtown Riverside, or Joshua Tree courts and are someone aged under 45, you might relate better with Mike than with me given the old codger that I've become. But whichever one of us you hire, Mike and I are an obsessed and devoted Team that vets all our cases together (without double charging), along with our support staff (and managers), Diane Dancy, Kristin Jensen, and Jordyn Gibbs-Perez.

The Law Firm of Thurman Arnold and Michael Peterson is truly effective in expertly serving the Desert Cities' family law community of legal consumers, and it is our demonstrated passion to do so!

Author: TWA