Attorneys Thurman W. Arnold, III and Michael C. Peterson

Announcing The Enlightened Divorce Blog Roster of TOP CALIFORNIA FAMILY LAWYERS!

Announcing The Enlightened Divorce Blog™ Roster and Directory of

California's Top Family Law Attorneys!

We are grateful that the Enlightened Divorce Blog™ is about to enter its sixth year as one of the top Internet sources of free information for divorce and family law related matters. Perhaps not surprisingly, this website journey began with the prosaic goal of advertising our legal services locally within the Coachella Valley (i.e., Palm Springs and neighboring cities). But, as people throughout California responded positively to the breadth, tone and quality of our writings, we have layered in more educational resources spanning larger topic areas, and the site has morphed into a much larger creature.

Since this journey began we have had half a million visitors with more than a million and a half pages read, and we have many readers who return to us time and again, which is pretty humbling for a home spun website. Michael C. Peterson and myself maintain a busy family law practice in the desert cities, so family law blog articles get written - and the many emails I receive from visitors with questions (which I do try to respond to) get answered - in the mornings, evenings, and weekends.

Every week we receive inquiries from readers asking us if we can suggest the names of attorneys and other family law related professionals in other locales. Sometimes I know of people for these readers to interview, but often I do not without doing some investigation. It is daunting to find a top notch legal professional with the qualities that many legal consumers hope for, partly because of the absence of reliable reference points. For many people, the first person we might seek out for family law attorney referrals are attorneys we already know, friends, or family members.

We'd like to be a similar resource for you. We are putting together a Roster of those top family law and/or divorce attorneys whom we would recommend to you anyway, if we already knew them. Some are those whom we have opposed or worked with - one of the best sources for reliable information about their practice styles and professionalism! We especially hope to make connections with other lawyers whom we've not yet met.

If you are or know an outstanding divorce attorney (or mediator), please email us about this person! If you are an attorney who might share your name on the Enlightened Divorce Blog™ Roster of California Family Law Attorneys, please contact me ! We want to give an 'off the grid' directory of California's best divorce lawyers.

Here's the Link to the Divorce and Family Law attorneys we would refer you to if you were to ask us!

Thank for visiting the Enlightened Divorce Blog™!

Thurman W. Arnold III, CFLS (November 15, 2014)