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While Family Code section 771 may protect earnings of a spouse during periods of physical separation, whether in fact a physical separation has occurred is often not nearly as clear-cut as one might expect - partly because spouses or domestic partners are often suffering a high degree of emotional volatility that causes them to repeatedly hook-up with the other, which can create factual issues of whether they meet the criteria set forth in the published appellate court decisions as to what is legally required. This can lead to expensive discovery and litigation, the longer the parties remain "separated" but fail to file for a Legal Separation or Dissolution. Also, later reconciliations can have the consequence of wiping out the benefits of prior separation.

Also, in my Palm Springs divorce practice I often see parties who indeed have separated but one voluntarily contributes to the support and household expenses of the other - sometimes for many years - without bothering to reach a written agreement or to file for Requests for Orders. In such situations, consider that you may be gifting away whatever you contribute, which may be a shock once you finally are ready to end the legal relationship. At a minimum, you are guaranteeing that the case will cost you more to secure your reimbursement rights.

Ambivalence is understandable, but it will cost you!

Family Code section 771 has been amended effective 1/1/17, as a result of the legislative reversal of our Supreme Court's Davis ruling, which is blogged in detail on our site. The former statute referred to spouses "living separate and apart." The new version is below.

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Effective 1/1/2017

Section 771. Earnings and accumulations of spouse and minor children after date of separation

(a) The earnings and accumulations of a spouse and the minor children living with, or in the custody of, the spouse, after the date of separation of the spouses, are the separate property of the spouse.

(b) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), the earnings and accumulations of an unemancipated minor child related to a contract of a type described in Section 6750 shall remain the sole legal property of the minor child.