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Radical Revisions to the Family Law Rules of Court Become Effective Next Month!


2013 Revisions to the California Family Law Rules of Court

As many family lawyers probably know, we are about to see a major rewrite of the California Rules of Court affecting proceedings in "family court" that become effective on January 1, 2013. I've uploaded the 2013 Family Law Cal. Rules of Court here, so please click this link.

I haven't digested them yet. Order your updated code books today, however, because the judges are already discussing them amongst themselves and a little studying over the Christmas holidays will allow you to put on your smartest face, if in January you don't stare blankly at the Court when he or she wishes to advertise that they've done their end of the year homework and know that this new rule exists, and that that former rule was retired....

Fortunately for my overworked fingers, I only provide the text for a dozen or so rules on my Famly Law Statutes Page - and I will add to and delete from these for you over my holiday time off. (Thanks Santa).

Check back for my commentary in the ensuing weeks, for whatever it is worth! Remember, this is an educational website and you must always do your own due diligence to ensure that whatever information is presented here is up to date (though I promise to do my best to give you cutting edge information).

BTW, the easiest way at a glance to get an overview of these looming changes is by opening the link above and examining the Index at the top.

T.W. Arnold