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Announcing the Launch of LAFMS - DIVORCE and FAMILY LAW MEDIATION in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills!


I Am Pleased to Announce the Launch of
Mediators and Co-Mediators Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

Some of you may know that within the Coachella Valley, I am a founding member of Desert Family Mediation Services (DFMS).

On May 26, 2011, the DFMS Team launched Los Angeles Family Mediation Services, a full-service mediation practice consisting of legal expert family law mediators and mental health professional co-mediators. LAFMS is located in Beverly Hills, but has offices in Los Angeles as well.

The principal team members working out of Los Angeles are:

I am available to serve mediation parties in the Los Angeles area as well, for selected cases.

We are proud and pleased to come together as a team of highly trained and motivated professionals, with over 100 years of combined family law and therapeutic experience, in an effort to provide a positive alternative to traditional divorce warfare.

We believe we can be part of your solution!

Thurman W. Arnold III, C.F.L.S./Divorce Mediator