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We've Updated Our Sample 'STATEMENT OF DECISION' California Family Law Portal With Most of these Forms You'll Need!

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Sample and Exemplar Statements of Decision in California Dissolution and Non-Marital Family Law Cases

We've just uploaded six new templates for tentative rulings and sample statements of decision that you may find extremely useful for setting up your case, whether you are an attorney or self-represented party. They can be used as guides for what you need to prove to meet your burden of proof in terms of evidence, and to defeat the other side's efforts, on the topics they cover. They are subject, as always, to certain caveats and our website disclaimer!

These tentative ruling exemplars include contested child custody, move-away contests, child support, spousal support, attorney fees, and the division of community and separate property hearings and trials!

The quid pro quo that we request for these efforts is that you take a moment and support the Enlightened Divorce Blog™, and that you promise to have a safe and sane divorce or other family law action! We do not seek donations of any kind, but do ask that you help us in our efforts to spread the Internet of Everything Divorce.

Also, if you have a template that would be of use to others, lawyers or not, email it to us and if it has quality we will upload it and give you thanks and due recognition (and maybe even a backlink)!

By: Thurman W. Arnold III