Announcing Our New SAMPLE Attorneys' Divorce and Family Law Library!

New: Sample and Exemplar Forms For Drafting Pleadings and

Discovery in Marital Dissolution and Family Law Cases

in January, 2014 we began cobbling together a form library containing selected pleadings and discovery related documents that we've accumulated over long years of divorce and family law related litigation. We will upload useful materials painfully, i.e., one by one over the ensuing months.

Check out our Family Law Forms Portal to see whether there is anything that might be of value to you, always remembering that all the information we provide anywhere on this website is for educational purposes and may not be applicable to your case, or even current to the extent that statutes change or new appellate decisions are published - although we try to come back and update or modify materials as the need becomes apparent.

We now have discovery exemplars, statements of decision, evidentiary objections, requests for orders - including attorney fees, sample stipulations, and a sample cohabitation agreement. Please send us an email if you find these useful and we always appreciate you spreading the word about our site by FB and other social media!

Be safe out there!