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Overview of Family Law Court Proceedings

Contested family law matters are rife with emotion and stress for all parties involved.

In coping with any family legal dispute it is wise to research you options, and to endeavor to select an attorney who can view your situation objectively and sensitively. Your choice, and the tone it sets, will reverberate for generations to follow within your family.

Thurman W. Arnold, III is a Palm Springs based family law attorney who has been representing clients throughout the Coachella Valley since 1982. He is available to assist people to transition through all manner of family law legal disputes. He has represented hundreds of men and women in a huge variety of family law and divorce related matters, including:

Regardless of your particular issues, there is much that an experienced and mindful lawyer can do to help you and your family make it through the breakup of relationship with the least amount of financial and emotional difficulty. Divorce Court is complicated. Safely navigating it demands specialized knowledge. It also requires a balanced attitude towards the process and help in finding resources and support for winding through it.

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