Family Law Section of the Desert Bar Association September, 2017 Newsletter!

Greetings All:

I know that we at the EnlightenedDivorceBlog™ have been derelict in sharing new materials and family law analyses for some months now, and also in responding to emails. We so apologize. Hyperventilating takes all of us over, from time to time, and we have been trying to attend first to our prime responsibility - the lives and circumstances of our clients.

We are going to publish some new, original articles over the next week or so. In the meantime, I am proud to share with you what is probably the finest family law newsletter in California, that attorney Michael C. Peterson put together (with a little help from his friends), which will give you good guidance as to how family law judges generally view the responsibilities of lawyers, or self-represented parties, in presenting their cases.

Mike Peterson is the 2017 Chair of the Family Law Section of the Desert Bar Association. His Desert Bar Association, Family Law Section Newsletter will also serve you well if you seek local knowledge about the Indio family law courts, and we are proud to claim it is one of the best divorce related newsletters in the U.S.!

In the meantime, don't behave like these Hummers!